Monday, May 28, 2012

Personalized Wine “Cork” Charms

Personalized Wine “Cork” Charms 

I Love Personal touches and I try to add them throughout our home. I’ve been attempting to plan a Romantic Dinner for two "tough" guys...Ralph and his best friend Anthony. Crystal who is Anthony’s Girlfriend is a big time Crafter too…in fact you will see her Guest Blogging on here soon!!! She is a Cake Pop, Baby Headband making all around super Crafter and for sure will notice the little details that get put into the dinner that the guys will surely overlook ;) 

I love little wine charms that distinguish each guest’s glass, although I have yet to see or purchase ones I really like. Operation Make “Wine Charms” was in full effect today. What’s better than using actual wine corks for the wine glasses! I took ONE wine cork, sliced it four times and stamped each circle with the first letter of our names *S *R *A *C. The next step was really easy as well, I took four wire circles that I had from a jewelry making kit and added small beads for a little extra detail. Put a drop of hot glue in the center and attached the Personalized Wine Cork.  EASY!! They look Super Cute and I will Surely be making these throughout the Holiday…I may buy the small stamp set so I will be able to add two initials as the Holidays will have a lot of repeat letters. These would also make a really cute gift for Friends and Family too!! 

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