Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Call Me Maybe

I cant get enough of this Video....Makes me Laugh Every time! I love seeing manly men doing girly things...It makes me Giggle. Tonight I was exhausted...Took a Shower and came downstairs with wet hair, the blow dryer was downstairs because it is non stop Rain in New England right now and I turned it on...Handed it to Ralph (who was sitting in the chair) and sat down in front of him....Literally half joking when I felt my hair being blown dry, YES RALPH BLEW DRY MY HAIR TONIGHT!!! I couldn't stop giggling as my 6 foot 5, 100% Italian boyfriend blew dry my hair for literally 20 min. If its possible to fall more in Love with someone than I already am...It just happened tonight.
                                So for your enjoyment ladies....Manly men of The Harvard Baseball Team, doing girly things ;)

Getting ready for all the Patriotic Holidays this week...Saw this and fell in love with it...May have to make this....
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