Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dog Bed

 The past few days I have Moved the Dog bed from the Living room to the Sun porch probably 30 times!! I have finally decided that the dogs need another bed…They have a Tempura Foam bed upstairs ($100 from petco) and the same one down stairs….Not to mention their “Fancy” beds that they just don’t use…But look super cute in the house!! We have spent hundreds of dollars on dog beds and really they don’t last!! My dogs love to un-stuff their animals and at times un-stuff their beds. I wanted a bed that will last, is comfy and doesn’t cost a lot of money!! 

I was on the phone with my girlfriend that has a baby/toddler and said she has finally out grown her crib and is moving on to a “big” girl bed…then she said do we know anyone that needs a crib… It finally hit me…..I NEED ONE!!!! How perfect would a baby crib mattress be for my two dog and if you can put your brand new newborn on it, it is certainly good enough for my little “Babies.” I picked it up an hour ago, stopped at Jo Ann Fabrics…Used my coupon and bought the Cutest Dog Bone Print ultra-plush fabric and walked out the door spending $4 dollars!!! Seriously $4 DOLLARS for a new dog bed….I’m elated!! All I did was lie the fabric down, laid the crib mattress on top, cut little stripes of the blue fabric “My Stitches” and literally just sewed up the blanket with knots. It is so secure on there and so EASY to remove to throw in the washing machine. I just untie two of the stiches and pull the Crib wrap off!! 

I always see people getting rid of crib mattresses; you could most likely score one for free, print off a coupon online for your local fabric store and buy two yards of any print you like…. BOOM a FOUR Dollar Dog Bed!!!!! 

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