Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hard "Baked" Eggs

        HARD "Baked" (Boiled) Eggs

I LOVE HARD BOILED EGGS!!! I have yet to Master the technique of Boiling and believe me I have tried everything, even as seen on TV “Eggies” that were the biggest Mess Ever!!!! I finally gave up and came across the most Genius Idea ever…. Bake Them!!! Yes you heard me right…Bake your Eggs in the Oven! Not only is it Super Easy, they practically peeled in one peel. Quite possibly the easiest eggs I have ever peeled in my life. Every single egg came out Perfect. 

What to do: 

*Place Eggs in a Cupcake pan, Pop it in the oven at 325* for 25-30 minutes and BOOM the Perfect Egg…Every Time!! Place the eggs in a bowl of ice water once they come out of the oven to stop cooking, leave then in their for like 8 minutes or so! Don’t forget to use tongs…they come out of the Oven Wicked Hot! Make extra...What ever you don't eat put in a Bowl in your fridge and have for a snack later! 

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