Tuesday, December 6, 2016


    Ok you all know I LOVE products that aim to help ease the craziness that is PARENTHOOD! Well this is one of those MUST HAVES when you have toddlers!! The Flushstop!! This super easy to install potty training handle lock that prevents those "uh oh" moments that could potentially be extremely costly! In fact this product was invented because of one of those moments. I love the backstory of how this toilet handle lock came in to play! I swear it takes real life events to create the most useful products! Now that we have two little girls in the house my mind can be put at ease knowing nothing will be sent to the unknown nor  will we have a dreadful plumbing bill from life's unexpected moments!

Here is some useful info from the peeps over at FlushStop...

The toilet handle is a magnet for mischief. Whether it's repetitive flushing, or the flushing of foreign objects, a curious toddler can wreak havoc in the bathroom. Locking the toilet lever is a simple solution to keep the flusher off limits while toddlers learn to use the potty independently.  Keep your pipes, water and sanity in tact today with a FlushStop
  • Childproof 
  • Installs in seconds
  • Fits standard & custom levers
  • Built to last: impact resistant with 3M adhesive
Why Lock The Toilet Lever?
During the potty training years, experts suggest that toddlers be given access to the toilet to promote potty training independence. With the help of FlushStop, you can empower your child to use the potty while still maintaining control of how often the toilet is flushed and what goes down the drain.
Just in time for the Holidays.....Seriously people this is the PERFECT Stocking stuffer!! You can find FlushStop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and SHOP FLUSHSTOP HERE!!!!

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