Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks

It has been a Longgggg week! But not because of “Pregnancy” issues but because of my little furbaby Josh! He is petrified of the Thunderstorms and it has become an awful situation. When we go to work we are able to watch him on the surveillance cameras we have set up in our house…and he is in a FULL Panic as soon as we leave. Panting, crying, howling, hiding in closets, trying to get in Ralph’s laundry basket, attempting to chew through the metal gate. It is torture to see and both days either Ralph or I had to leave work. Ralph was only at work for an hour before he had to go home. As soon as we are home he is completely fine! We have tried every holistic remedy there is, lavender, rose water, calming music, tv, low lights, tin foil, building “safe” forts for comfort…Nothing has worked.

We finally had to call the vet and we will attempt Xanax for the first time with our precious pup. To be honest WE ARE DREADING the 4th of July, not the Holiday its self because we are very Patriotic in this house but the Fireworks, we are far away from where the town fireworks will be but I’m concerned that our neighbors will be lighting them off. The forecast this week is Thunderstorms right across the board top that with Fireworks and we fear that our little shaky puppy will throw his back out again…and need surgery! So needless to say it has been a scary stressful week. It has been really hard to focus on anything else other than making our Joshy cakes comfortable and feel safe. It seems like he has developed a phobia…and that breaks our heart.

On a happy note Baby Sophia is Fabulous!! I went for another doctor’s appointment and everything looked Wonderful. Sophia’s heart rate was great and I was healthy. She is kicking like crazy and seems to really be loving Summer Swims and Music! BabyBump Update for 22 Weeks…..

How Big is Baby: The size of a Papaya 
How far along: 22 weeks…18 weeks to go!

Feeling: GREAT…Time is Flying by!!

Maternity ClothesNot yet…I’m thinking Sundresses may be my saving grace for the whole summer!!  

Sleep: Sleep has been fine, no issues yet…But I did buy the Snuggle Body Pillow for when the time comes.   

Best moment of the week? I always think having Ralph feel Baby Sophia Kick is Magical. I love watching his smile/face when he feels her. I LOVE IT!

Movement: Yes! I love music so I’ve been playing it a lot…she always seems to be jammin’ out.

Food cravings: I don’t really have this yet, but maybe I do…It’s hard to tell…When I’m hungry I just eat what I feel like having…Nothing that I’ve had to make a special trip for…yet! I’m still waiting for all the pregnancy “horror” stories or so I’m told, of Cravings, Moodiness, Feeling uncomfortable. So far it has been REALLY good (someone knock on wood) I’m kinda LOVING being pregnant!  

Food aversions: Nothing

Belly button in or out? In…when is it supposed to “pop” out…that may be weird for me, we shall see!  

What I miss: Cookie Dough. I don’t think that will ever change. There wasn’t much I had to give up when I got pregnant other than Eggs over easy, some fish, and raw cookie dough.  Everything else on the list I didn’t eat nor was I a drinker before baby, so I don’t miss wine or booze either.

What I'm looking forward to: Swimming more with Sophia. I’ve been swimming almost every day (well the days we don’t get Crazy rain/Thunderstorms! I think baby girl loves the pool, I feel her kicking as we are floating around and doing laps. I’m also looking forward to Pregnancy photo’s, I think that will be fun for Ralph and I
Milestones: I only have a few things left to do in Sophia’s Nursery…and we may have come to an agreement on Baby’s middle name. Yes that has been an “issue” I think I may have won ;) 

 I also Joined Top Baby Blogs!! It’s only been a couple of weeks and I'm almost in the TOP 30! You all have been so wonderful voting for me! I wish I could thank all of you personally. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s so awesome getting to be a part of the Top Baby blogs on the net and to be in the top 50 out there is shockingly amazing! You can vote by clicking the link below and clicking the first owl. I really appreciate all the love! 

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