Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BumpDate: 25 Weeks

  How far along: 25 weeks…15 weeks to go!

Feeling: Really Great…If I’m in the Central Air. We have had a heat wave for the past week, thankfully I think it ends Saturday. Oh lucky us because we will then be greeted by Thunderstorms (Xanax for Mr.Joshy Cakes Puppy) although I can’t lie, I seriously LOVE New England Weather and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else…Just when you think you can’t take another hot day, Fall is in Full Swing.

Maternity ClothesYes. Although I only bought a few pieces…Some shorts, jeans, a skirt and a few tops. But honestly have still been living in sundresses! It’s been way too hot to wear anything but.

Sleep: Sleep has been great…minus the restless week last week; Ralph is no longer coughing throughout the night. Yippee

Best moment of the week? Today…I’m Officially on VACATION **which was actually 6 days ago...WOW I cant believe I have been on vacation for 6 days already!

Movement: Little Miss is a Wild one…It’s amazing that she is actually on a “schedule” or so I think, kicking around lunch time, the drive home 6pm and around 10pm…I think she just wakes up then for daddy to feel ;)  

Food cravings: Nothing crazy, this whole “send your husband out at midnight for ring dings, pickles and ice-cream” seems to be a myth in my eyes….unless in the next 15 weeks it happens. I’m very curious to this…
Food aversions: Nothing…Although I got Clam Chowder from whole foods the other night and it suddenly hit me, “Can I even eat clams.” Before I could even investigate Ralph informs me, “It’s ok for you to eat Clam Chowder.” He had already looked it up…I can’t even stand how in Crazy Love I am with this man. He never seizes to amaze me.

Belly button in or out? In…Still Don’t believe this one either…even though I know it may be inevitable. One of those, you have to see it to believe it moments.

Rings off or on?: On

Goals for Next Week: Nothing…Im going to do nothing. Even though I say that Y’all know I will be super busy doing things for our little poppy girl. We just love her so. In fact I don’t think a day goes by that she isn’t the center of conversation. I think we both may be obsessed with her.

What I miss: My old body. Which I totally get it “Its only weight” and having Sophia healthy is totally worth gaining a Whopping POUND a week, but it will be nice to feel like me again!

What I'm looking forward to: 
Spending time with my fiancé whom I’m kinda wicked crushing on lately. Don’t get me wrong, I always am…but I wonder if pregnancy hormones have anything to do with it…because I’m in some serious call him off the hook, acting like we just started dating, obsessive Love fit with RSV, like you read about!  
Milestones:  That I blogged two days in a row…**Ok so I guess I really never got to this when I wrote it up on Friday. And I have been taking Chalkboard pictures, yet they sit in my Nikon. Downloading today...Truthfully by the end of the week ;)

Thoughts: I have so many, in fact I have been writing them down to get them out of my head. I keep on thinking I’m going to forget to do the many things on my list…The things that I think are so vitally important that they actually keep me up at night. If I was to read you this list you might laugh…In fact I will just share it with you…
  • Confirm Pottery Barn Delivery
  • Order Peapod Groceries
  • Finish Crib Skirt for Nursery
  • Make vet appointments for Dogs shots
  • Deposit checks 
  • Full Foil/Trim
  • Wax Eyebrows
  • Vacuum House
Ya so I guess the magnitude of importance is not that great…and these rather simple tasks seem daunting because they have obviously affected my sleep, so it was nice to get them jotted down, I will surely be happy if I could erase these one by one this week. I love a clean slate with {{really}} nothing to do! 

As you can see we are doing a WHOLE lot of Nothing... Joshy Cakes Chewing on his Bone...
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