Monday, April 7, 2014

The Easter Bunny

We went to go see the Easter Bunny this weekend at The Hebert Candy Manson. It was quite the “Event” and Sophia being our little Rebel wasn’t down with the Frills. Little Lady might have been the ONLY child there not Rocking an Easter Hat and Dress. Although we did have the hat and three of her Easter Dresses packed! She was dead set on going in RIGHT away, so we settled for some Seven’s cropped, GPtop, Freshly Picked Moccs and a headwrap. Have to admit she looked pretty bad ass…Sat on the Bunny like a Boss. Baby after Baby, Toddler after Toddler the Screams were ever present.

I was curious how my tiny So would take to this GIANT bunny with its huge arms outstretched…Well she practically lept into his arms, began to clench and rub the soft fur. Now comes the “Picture” part….and a Herbert employee to our left with a big tray of samples. Sophia was fixated on this sparkling platter of goodness. I snapped about 100 pictures and our turn was up. Sophia was totally kicked back with her Animal Friend and was so not interested in leaving at all.
 We did it….Our First EASTER ADVENTURE!! I tell ya…I’m totally LOVING this mommy business.

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