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The Adventures of Denver the Guilty Dog REVIEW

We are Dog OBSESSED in this house! Sophia is completely infatuated with all things DOGS. She LOVES to hear them bark so we often go onto YouTube and play silly videos with dogs going nuts, when our dogs are not going nuts themselves. I can never scroll through without coming across Denver the Guilty Dog. We fell in Love with Denver Last year when we first watched his video where he got caught getting into the kitty cat treats and die laughing when he knows he is off to the “penalty box.” We are totally those people that talk to our dogs and act like they are members of the family. You can watch the viral YouTube video with over 35 Million Views Here!

We were so excited to find out that Denver the Guilty Dog had started a children’s book series and Ecstatic to find out that we would be given the opportunity to review their first book!! Sophia adored all the pages and we have read the story countless times…it has become a bedtime favorite! The illustrations are beautifully drawn and the story line is not only adorable but educational!!!! And this momma was even more excited that it was autographed and stamped with Denver’s approval! “Denver Crosses the Creek” is a MUST have for your children’s library and all my fellow teachers this is a perfect book to add to your classroom libraries as well!!

 What Denver’s Daddy had to say:

 “I was approached about licensing out Denver's story to a ghost writer and publisher but in the end, I decided this was better suited as a family project.  From conceptual, to selecting an illustrator, finding an editor and completely funding the project myself, this has indeed been a family project from start to finish. 

 I have been an outdoor writer most of my life.  It was not until a year ago that I came up with the idea of writing children's books and using our Denver as the main character.  As a father and an avid daily reader to my young children, I not only knew the direction I wanted to take this.  But I also recognized how I could make this project just a little bit "funner" for the young audience it would reach.  And so, the first book in my series, "The Adventures of Denver the Guilty Dog" takes place right here at my house with "Denver Crosses the Creek."

Denver Crosses the Creek is about trust, honesty and the importance of obeying family rules.  The story also shares an underlying message for children of the importance to be cautious around strangers.  The reader will follow Denver as she tries to find her way home after getting lost in the mysterious woods behind her house.  One at a time, she encounters some pretty sneaky characters(seen on the book cover) who trick her with awful directions that lead her further, not closer to home. What Denver does not realize is that at one time or another, she has chased each of these wild animals from her yard after dark. So they all "recognize" Denver and decide to get back at her!  Ultimately, she does find a friend she can trust!  The illustrations are a huge hit.  And as an added bonus, there is a hidden paw print hidden in every illustration--some are obvious, while others are very hard to locate!  Ages 3-8

The rest of "The Adventures of Denver the Guilty Dog" series(10 books total) are educational field trips to the Natural Wonders of North America.  From the Grand Canyons to the Florida Everglades, Denver and her Pals will travel to all of the amazing Natural Wonders  and entertain the kids with everything they want to know about these special places!!  It will also encourage the kids to make a visit of their own!  #2 due out in June/July 2014

 Denver Crosses the Creek is currently available on their online store HERE , along with Amazon, local Walgreens and various online book stores across the country. We Can Not Wait Till Book #2 comes out!!! We LOVE you Denver!!!!

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