Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holmes Stamp & Sign

Well the Holidays are bringing on TONS of things that needed to get checked off of the "To Do" List! One of them being our Holiday Cards!! 

Something that Ralph and I have yet to buy since moving into our Home was address stampers! I have no idea why we have put it off for so long. I never seem to think about it until I'm filling out my return address on bills or writing it on HUNDREDS of Christmas Cards! I was elated when I received the opportunity to try out Holmes Stamp & Sign!! We received the Basic Address stamper that will come in handy ALL year long and also the Holiday Stamper that I just adore!!!! Let me tell you Christmas cards was a breeze (dare I say fun!) thing to do this year! The stampers work wonderfully and are really quality made! I know that we will have them for years and years to come!

If you are like me and absolutely stumped on what to get certain people for Christmas, why not something they can use all the time! Not to mention think of you every time they pull it out!! Head over and order your family and friends some STAMPS! Holmes Stamp and Sign also carry amazing gifts! You really have to see for yourself!

Sometimes you want to just add a little Flare to your mail/packages. So we also received this beautiful Decorative Surname Monogram Stamp...The fun part you can pick the color ink you want, not just for this one but for all!!!



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