Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cienta Shoes

Fall is here, which means the start of many Fall Favorites! One is nature walks on the trails in our backyard...we search for acorns, pinecones and sticks for craft projects! Sophia was especially excited to wear her new shoes from Cienta! The "Yummy Shoes" is the name my two year old now calls them and yummy they are! They smell of sweet childhood...The soles are scented and smell of grapes. They are so adorable and super comfy on her little feet! We received the red canvas Mary Jane Shoes...
We received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review.

More about Cienta,

"Cienta is an internationally recognized brand of cool and stylish children's footwear made in Spain.

For over 30 years, Cienta has been specializing in creating high-quality vulcanized footwear for children.  Founded in 1982, the family-owned company Calzados Cienta started the kids' canvas and slipper brand with generations worth of expertise in shoe-making.

The factory is located near the wine region of La Rioja in Spain, a region that is deeply rooted in the process of vulcanizing natural rubber, and has been the only manufacturing source of Cienta shoes.

Dedicated to promoting the natural and correct development of children's feet, the entire production and design process of Cienta is centered on quality and comfort, making use of only natural materials and the most advanced technology."

Cienta Shoes are perfect all year round!

• Cienta shoes begin with the careful selection of raw, natural materials appropriate to each season:

• Only the finest cotton, wool, linen and rubber are used to guarantee freshness in the summer, warmth during winter, and comfort all-year round without weight pulling kids' feet down.

Cienta is comfortable and hygienic!

• All materials used are porous, making the shoes lightweight and breathable from all sides, even at the inner & outer soles.Each pair of shoes is further enhanced with scented in-sole paddings for cushioning and for the absorption of moisture

Their shoes truly are spectacular. For my spunky on the go toddler they couldn't get better! They are made to wear and the quality is astounding! Plus this momma likes the natural materials. Knowing my girl is getting the best of the best! It fits right in with Cienta's mission, "Cienta Kids' Shoes give playful mothers security and ease in letting their kids learn,explore and be active in developing their own identities and lifestyles without sweating the little stuff. After all, every stride a child takes is a step towards his own journey around the world."
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