Friday, December 11, 2015

Little Bird Creations

We are over the moon for Little Bird Creations!!!! I've always thought there was something magical about Hawaii... This was my little dose of Sunshine in our home when our package arrived!

Here is some background on this beautiful Shop:

I sew beautiful, affordable, practical baby items. I once read that if something in your house is neither beautiful or useful then you should get rid of it. That's why I aim to make every product of mine both beautiful AND practical. Two birds in one! (pun intended) Also, I am three quarters Chinese and a "saver" not a "spender", so it is important to me that my products also be affordable."

"Why I Do What I Do
Being a stay at home Mom is such a blessing and I am so grateful for my husband and amazing Daddy for working THREE jobs to make it work! I started Little Bird Creations as a way to (hopefully) make a little supplemental income but I soon realized that I enjoy the challenge of creating baby items that I think you will enjoy too!"

"Life in Paradise
I grew up in Medford, Oregon, went to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, then moved to Oahu with the intent to only stay for a year. But God intervened one day seven years ago when I fell in love with Chris. I also fell in love with the Aloha spirit and culture of Hawaii. If you've ever lived here you know what I mean. We give hugs, we eat pupus, and we remove our slippahs before entering a house. Hopefully when you buy one of my pieces you will feel a little bit of that aloha spirit too."

What else can I say, WE LOVE LITTLE BIRD CREATIONS!!! Everything is so trendy and made to last! Give a touch of Hawaiian Sunshine to someone special in your life!! If you have questions or are interested in custom orders, reach out to Little Bird Creations! They are super nice and are eager to make you happy! Send them a message:

This listing is for one BLACK AND WHITE AZTEC PRINT nursing/car seat cover.

My Daughter can't get enough of this hahaha She is so excited to have the baby carrier back upstairs... I think she is trying to tell me something! LOL

Although this would have been a life saver when I was taking Sophia places! We had a huge bulky one that was just not functional!! I was a breastfeeding momma so to have a cover that converted into a light weight carriage cover is just plain GENIUS!!! Not to mention it triples as a blanket in a pinch!! It is so tiny when pushed into the built in pocket! You can throw it in your purse or diaper bag and go! No more lugging around heavy hot carriage covers and forgetting your nursing cover!

♥ 360 degree coverage. Nurse discreetly and in style.
♥ Lightweight and compact with built in storage pocket.
♥ Will keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.
♥ Doubles as an awesome car seat cover.
♥ Also use as an emergency blanket, changing pad, play mat, swim suit cover up. etc.!


This cover is the best thing ever! You'll never leave home without it. The cover is made from lightweight and flexible rayon. Rayon is an alternative to silk, it will keep you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. As a nursing cover, it will provide you will full 360 degree coverage. You will be able to nurse comfortably without worrying about any one in front of or behind you. The neck hole is the perfect size to fit comfortably over your head and give a nice opening to see baby without feeling like other people can see in. You will have to hold it open to see baby.

It doubles as the perfect car seat cover. The hole fits nicely over the handle of your car seat so you can still pick up and carry baby. Also, the hole provides ventilation and also allows you to peek in without disturbing a sleeping baby! Just throw the cover over your car seat and you're ready to go! If it is a windy day you can tie the ends of the cover to keep it from blowing off.

One of the best features of this product is the pocket on the inside of the cover. You can wear the pocket in the front or in the back. When you are using the cover you can put things like your watch in the pocket for quick storage. (There is no closure on the pocket so be sure to take your things out when you're done wearing it!) When you're not using the cover, turn the pocket inside out and stuff the entire cover inside! It will fit easily in your diaper bag.

"Finally, this cover is silky soft and will also work as an emergency blanket, play mat, or even changing pad! Even when you're not nursing baby this cover looks like a stylish accessory. I have used mine as a swimsuit cover up before!" ~Little Bird Creations

♥ One yellow/grey nautical
♥ One in navy blue chevron
♥ One in grey polka do

♥ Reverse sides are all grey with white polka dots.

This bib is the traditional rectangular shaped baby bib. It is the perfect size for your baby, whether you need it for teething or for feeding. There are three layers of fabric, all made with 100% cotton. The first layer is cotton, the middle layer is a neutral color flannel (you will never see it), and the third layer is polka-dot flannel. It is absorbent and comfortable. It is also reversible! Has one side been loved too much? Just flip it over and you can continue to use it. My bibs are designed to conform slightly to baby's body, they should not stick out in the back but form down around the back and shoulders. They will not lay flat unless un-snapped.

Bib closes with a metal snap off to the side of baby's head. Convenient side snap allows you to put the bib on baby even when baby is in the car seat or feeding chair. Snaps are CPSIA compliant.

This product is pre-washed and will not shrink. Machine wash warm, tumble dry medium.
Go Check Out and SHOP Little Bird Creations on the web HERE or  HERE on Etsy!
 I also received the most adorable Holiday Burp Cloth...These come in so handy! A definite must have for all newborns!

♥ The burp cloths are approximately 17 inches long and 7 inches wide.
♥ They will fit comfortably on your shoulder and provide you the protection you need when burping baby.
♥ Contoured shape provides space for your neck so the cloth will not feel like it will slide off.
♥ 100% cotton terry cloth lining is ideal for wiping up messes, it is thick, soft, and absorbent.
♥ The top layer is also 100% cotton.

This product is pre-washed and will not shrink. Machine wash warm, tumble dry medium.
The quality on all Little Bird Creations is superb! Everything is made to last and the fabric is so soft! Because we are not expecting Baby #2 yet these beautiful items will be put to good use from fellow pregnant mommas in my life right now! What better Baby Shower Gift then something unique and beautiful! This is the perfect place to gift shop! You have to check out everything Little Bird Creations has to offer!! 
Happy Shopping Everyone :)   

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