Friday, May 27, 2016

Innoo Tech Baby Car Mirror

I am in LOVE with the Innoo Tech Baby Car Mirror!!!!! I love quality made products especially those that benefit me and my family. Sophia is still rear facing so I love to be able to see her periodically while I drive. Before the Innoo Tech Baby Car Mirror we had this flimsy mirror that bubbled in the middle and for the price we paid I'm shocked how poorly it worked! You can not go wrong with the Innoo Tech Mirror! Here is some more info on this must have product!

This baby back seat mirror has a wide clear view angle you can easily see your kid in Rear Facing seat!! This is Shatterproof Tested - Baby In Car Sign and Cleaning Cloth Included - Lifetime Warranty

About the Product
  • ★Safety- The baby car mirror has been manufactured using shatterproof acrylic glass. It is non-brittle and won't crack or shatter. It's safe for your baby and also better for the environment. The mirror is encased within a curved ABS plastic housing. Neither the mirror nor the case will harm passengers in the event of an accident. When designing this product, your baby's safety was our number one priority.
  • ★Crystal Clear View-The mirror is 11.8 inches wide and 7.4 inches in height, providing a very clear view of your baby from any angle. The mirror can be adjusted through 360 degrees so that you can always keep an eye on your child whatever the situation. Your baby will also be able to see you at all times, which will put them at ease and comfort them on car journeys

Product Description:

"Innoo Tech Baby Car Mirror-Allows you to transport your kids worry free!
-Do you feel uneasy when driving because you can't check how your baby is doing in the back seat?
-Have you ever turned your head or looked over the sides of the car seat to check on the baby?
Turning around while driving is incredibly dangerous and putting other people in jeopardy. Here good news is
that we have figured out a solution for this everyday problem. And now I'm so excited to share my baby car mirror with you.
With this mirror, you can easily see what's happening in the baby seat and keep a more attentive eye on your children.
What separates Innoo Tech Baby Car Mirror from the competition?
The largest & clearest easy view mirror: 11.8 inches wide and 7.4 inches in height.Easily and clearly see your baby.
The safest: use shatterproof acrylic glass and is encased within a curved ABS plastic housing.
Neither the mirror nor the case will harm passengers in the event of an accident.
Safe for your baby and better for the earth.
The most durable and adjustable nylon straps: With two adjustable clip on straps,the mirror can be easily and quickly
installed to the headrest and moved from car to car.
Our bonus items: "Baby in Car" sign and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
Our money back guarantee: We are sure you will love the mirror.
If it fails you at any time, contact us and we will issue a refund or replace it free of charge."

 I love having peace of mind knowing my baby is safe...that is the most important thing to me! I think this is one of the best investments and really you can not beat the price or warranty!!  

You can Purchase yours HERE!!!

*I received this product free of charge for my honest opinion.

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