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Ok I may have discovered the most valuable item a momma could own!!!! My life has just become soooooo much easier with SQUATCHI! I cant tell you how often we frequent the shoe store (almost every other month) Sophia is in constant need of new shoes and I'm always ordering online too (and having to send back wrong sizes, such a PAIN!) I was over the moon to hear about Squatchi, I can run to the store KID FREE and pick up exactly what I need or order online with ease! I don't know why I never thought about an AT HOME SHOE SIZER but two masterminds did! The brains behind this genius product are Momma's Too!!! Mom's always come up with the best products, seriously! So you may be wondering about this amazing product...well here's what the peeps over at Squatchi had to say...



You may be asking, why do I need Squatchi®?

Your time is valuable.

It seems we are constantly running to get the kids where they need to be. On top of that, we’re working, volunteering, cooking, doing laundry… you name it.  Oh, and we’re also trying to squeeze in a little time for ourselves.

Just when you think you can take a breath, your child tells you her toes are squeezed against the ends of her shoes.  Oh.  Please.  No.  Anything but shoe-shopping.

Your kids have to have shoes.  But do you have to have the hassle that goes along with buying them?  No.  As parents, we would much rather spend quality time with our kids, than go to war with them in a shoe store.

Finally, a solution.  It’s Squatchi®  This one-of-a-kind children’s home shoe-sizer saves you a tremendous amount of time and trouble shopping for shoes with your kids. And it saves you from returning all those shoes you bought online that don’t fit.  You size your kids at home, pick out the shoes in a store or online, buy shoes that actually fit — with no brawling involved — and get a big chunk of your life back.

Kids can’t live without shoes.  Parents can’t live without Squatchi®


"We’ve all been there as parents. The kids need new shoes, inevitably all at the same time.  You drag everyone to the shoe store or mall and nobody wants to be there.  Instead of nap time or mealtime, you’re getting tantrum time.  And you’re the one throwing the tantrum.
Kids are running all over, and you have no idea which size to get for which child.  Your daughter hates every shoe you pick up and your son is throwing sneakers.  Not exactly a bonding experience.
How can parents save time, find shoes that fit and keep their sanity? Squatchi® is a tool to give you back the time you might otherwise spend on those useless shopping trips. Squatchi® is a one-of-a-kind, at home children’s shoe sizer.  It frees you from going on countless errands, especially with the kids.  It saves you the trouble of returning shoe after shoe. Oh sure, online returns may be free, but your time certainly isn’t.  Most of all, Squatchi® makes your life so much easier.  It makes time for the real bonding moments, which do not happen on shopping trips."

High Impact Polystyrene Plastic
  • Boys and girls US shoe sizer that makes toddlers Stride rite and sandals easy to buy online and at shoe boutiques
  • Kids foot measurement device with US sizing scale (size 2t-5Y) that makes toddler shoe shopping convenient for mom
  • Easy to use and easy to read but not as bulky as US Toddler Brannock
  • Keepsake of your childs foot growth-Mark on the Squatchi to track your child's foot growth
  • Measures the same as the US youth Brannock devices used by all shoe stores and manufacturers like Merrell and Nike kids shoes

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