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Kangaroo Karry

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Hey Momma's and Daddy's!!! It has been BUSY around our house...between getting used to life being a mommy of TWO girls and this gorgeous New England summer! This summer has been filled with beaches, camping, pools, picnics, graduations, birthday parties and just lazy summer days! Last week I received a package from Kangaroo Karry and I have been going CRAZY over this masterful designed baby carrier! You all know I've done my fair share of reviews when it came to baby many reviews from various companies when Sophia was born that when Arabella was born I was frankly burnt out and kindly declined any offers to review them. I ended up doing the good ole hip pop/back breaking carry! HaHa!! They were all the same...until I saw the one by Kangaroo Karry! I am OBSESSED with this Baby Carrier... this particular one is called the Little Hopper! Seriously the only baby carrier you will need!!! Arabella is 9 months old and Sophia is 3 and half and they BOTH use it.... yes you heard that right, a toddler and a baby!

The level of awesomeness has to just be shown in pictures because I'm not even sure my words can do it justice... oh did I note that the carrier weighs like nothing! The seat that hold the babies and toddlers is made of the same material as bike helmets so it is super light weight! It has long straps...maybe the first carrier that I'm not spending twenty minutes prepping before I put the baby in! I remember getting so frustrated with the carriers for Sophia that I ended up just giving up! I LOVE this family owned business! If you have kids, know people expecting or just want to make someone's day that already has a little one.... BUY THIS FOR THEM! My life has just gotten a whole lot easier.... oh and did I mention Daddy's life too! Sophia is a wicked Daddy's girl but imagine lugging around a heavy 3 year old through the mall or out and about. Ralph is able to throw on the waist belt with the seat and isn't breaking his back or popping out his hip! This machine washable baby carrier is a MUST HAVE for all parents! I don't even take my purse with me anymore when we head to the park or out for a family walk! My wristlet, phone, kid snacks and even diapers for Ari fit in the netted pockets of the carrier.... seriously the masterminds behind this product did not miss a step!!! I love when parents make products, they just get it!!! I could go on and on, but I'll just show you some pictures and let you trust my crazy obsessed rant to do the convincing!

STAY TUNED for Daddy Pictures with the Kangaroo Karry after we go Blueberry Picking and BBQ'ing this Weekend!!!

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A little bit more from the peeps over at Kangaroo Karry,

Family Home-Based Business

Kangaroo Karry is the result of our real experiences of using the vast array of baby related products, particularly baby and child carriers. We were given, handed down and purchased a collection of baby carriers for each stage of our first child’s life with some that were activity specific. Each of these worked to a certain extent, we both had our favorites, but each have some obvious flaws or missing features were apparent. We found ourselves often saying phrases like ‘if only this had …’ or ‘I could put this on myself if this thing was here…’ and ect. We then found ourselves saying ‘we should have fixed this…’ and ‘we should designed our own…’   And so, we did.
We developed our own line of baby carriers. For infants and small babies, our Joey Wrap is the ORIGINAL and ONLY infant & baby wrap carrier with a pocket. A pocket for handy items like pacifiers, milk bottles, smart phones, snacks… ect. No more dropping your phone on the floor when unwrapping, keep it safe in the POCKET.
Once past the infant stage, our Little Hopper is the only baby & toddler carrier you need. It grows with your child, from 4 months to 4 years. Like a hiking backpack, the weight is carried around your waist. Smaller Moms can carry bigger kids longer and more comfortably. The perfect carrier for life’s everyday adventures.
Dad Designed Gear is truly at play here. With the child’s weight supported on the hip seat, the shoulder straps are kept long for ease of putting on, and tightened with adjustments conveniently in front, right in reach. So easy to use, even new Dads feel comfortable using it.

Our Mission

Our focus is gear for active parents like us; products and enhancements that are not simply marketing gimmicks, but fully functional and practical – for Moms and Dads.

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