Friday, October 13, 2017

Norma Christine Photography

Pictures are so important to you can tell from the many I take daily! I was always a big picture person. I remember when I was little and my brother and I would look through the many albums my mom had. We loved when she would tell us stories about the photo's from her childhood! We STILL do this on Sunday dinners. When I became a mom I found myself capturing even more...Time goes by so quickly and I don't want to miss a thing. Finding a family photographer is so important, there will be many life events you will want to capture and enjoy. I knew one of them would be my daughters upcoming Carnival Birthday! I was so excited to work with the one and only, Norma Christine Photography! She has an eye for things I only wish I had! She arrived before the party started and from the moment we met I knew she was "the one". The crazy thing about this two hour party... I rarely remember seeing her. She was tucked away, up close and personal and yet I never saw her. A true professional.  I enjoyed the craziness that most children parties ensue and by the end I was beat. We cleaned up, went to bed and by morning when the dust settled I realized that although I was "in" the moment, I didn't remember much!

A few days later... Norma Christine Photography delivers the most amazing digital album I have ever seen! The pictures are straight up beautiful. Flawless photography capturing all the beauty and fun of the day. Yes, I cried. It was like looking through a wedding album for me. My children are my world, I so enjoy this life with see them happy, to see the smiles. It was all worth it! I will treasure these photographs forever!

So who is Norma Christine Photography you ask? I'll let her introduce herself...

"My name is Amanda, of Norma Christine Photography. I am happy wife and mother to three amazing kids. I started getting into photography in college, and then took a hiatus to focus on my family and be a nanny. Time has now brought me back to one of my greatest passions, and I am loving it! I love music, coffee, Autumn, Ice hockey, the Golden age of Hollywood, and the New England Patriots. I think it's important to smile and make others smile too. Now, I am continuing my passion of photography, to capture some of lifes most precious moments, to be frozen in time. Always remember, be kind, smile big, and love one another!"

Yes she really is the sweetest soul! She is able to get the shot EVERY time, with such skill and precision it truly blows me away!  My girls loved her! She is so professional and does amazing things! If you are in the New England Area I highly suggest you seek out Norma Christine Photography, you wont be disappointed! Life is a crazy adventure, capture those moments, plaster them on your walls. Find that amazing photographer and bring them into your life... let them use their eye to bring your beautiful life to print!

Don't forget to check out Norma Christine Photography on Facebook HERE And Instagram at @normachristinephotography

Holidays are coming up peeps...get you holiday photo on! I know we will be! Don't forget after you get those amazing photo's done to head over to Basic Invite and make your holiday cards!

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