Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a New year.

Happy NEW year! 

I LOVE the idea of a Fresh New Start. Ralph and I rang in the New Year {quietly} PERFECT! Just the two of us! Christmas, New Years and My Birthday is always a rapid Blur.  It really does take me a good week after all the festivities to wind down. The upside it was WONDERFUL the downside I took NO pictures! Can you believe it! I was so present and in the moment that I didn’t get a chance to photobomb you all right now. BUT I did make a pretty awesome purchase… A NIKKON D7000!! I know it seems extreme to spend almost two thousand dollars on a camera but I HAD TOO! I love taking Pictures and I figured that it will be a family investment…Plus Ralph bought another Plasma so he couldn’t argue much…I haven’t had a chance to get out and take some “real” pictures with it but I’m hoping this weekend I will be able too! 

                                                   I turned 29 on Friday.

Ralph was the first to wake up, getting ready for work in the darkness 4 a.m. I felt his beautiful lips meet my check so gently and whisper so soft it could have been spoken in his head “I love you birthday girl.” To me there is no other sweeter day (other than Valentine’s Day) than ones Birthday!
  I seized the day in total Carpe Diem style! I woke up…went downstairs to the cutest letter written on a PAPER PLATE. Yes a paper plate haha I guess in Ralph’s mad dash to get out of the house he was unable to find a piece of paper…I think the paper plate was so much sweeter.  Then I prepared for a FULL day of pampering, including everything from massages to Lavish Lashes. I did it all…came home to a magical night that included all of my favorite things, even the most precious Tiffany & Co. engraved dog bone bracelet from my puppy’s ;)

I'm grateful for the opportunities this year has given me, I have learned, grown through trial and error and have found a new happiness in writing and photography. Through the excitement of realizing what I really love to do in life and finding that, mid-twenties, I can pursue these goals while creating a new adventure for Ralph and I. Looking forward to sharing this adventure with all of you lovies. Hope you all had a Magical New Years! Here's to 2013.

Because I have to share my playlist with you...
                                                        ALL OVER NOW. 

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