Monday, January 14, 2013

Sometime I go back to those days…When things were fresh and new. More so lately as I have decided that my laptop needs to go. I think after all the drops and mistreatment it’s getting revenge on me and not working so well (when I need it most!) So I decided all my pictures need to be sorted and put in a safe place.

             Oh how I love to look back at all the memories Ralph and I have created! It’s been such a fun and Amazing adventure…My entire 20’s are filled with the most amazing Love Story. Ever. Its beyond words how incredible being “in love” actually is…I remember those nervous phone calls, late night talks, Extreme Butterfly’s and pure joy….It Amazes me to think that there all still present…Minus the nervousness. This man holds my heart in a way that no other man has been able too. Makes me wonder if there is really such a thing as “SoulMate” because if there is... HE is surely THE ONE!! 

            Sometimes I will say to him “Isn’t this fun?!?” He says “what?” and I say THIS! Just having a life together, playing around our home with our little doggies. Doing whatever we want. It’s hard for me to grasp that things can be this good…Sometimes I feel like I’m 18 again and can’t believe all that I have. I have just been feeling so lucky lately; lucky that at this very moment I have EVERYTHING I want. Not many people can say that….I hope you all can. So embracing past moments, this moment and looking ahead to future moments that will surely take my breathe away....

More Angus and Julia Stone....because I cant get enough.

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