Saturday, August 10, 2013

BumpDate: 28 Weeks

How far along: 28 Weeks…12 weeks to Go! (as of last yesterday) 
Feeling: Trying to find a better word than fabulous…How about Extraordinary. This pregnancy has been wonderful. I keep saying to Ralph, “Don’t you think I’ve been the easiest pregnant woman ever” Not that he knows how to answer this because how would he know that…hahaha But he always pleases me by answering YES! I can’t stop raving about it…I actually feel like I’m going to jinx it somehow but I can’t help it, I want ALL woman to know that the horror stories you hear very well might not apply to you.

I have to be honest I was scared after hearing/reading about some woman who have nightmare pregnancy’s…I for sure thought I would be one of them. Even in the beginning when I thought I had the flu (really it was surprise you’re having a baby/morning sickness)  but even that is now a distant memory. It was awful at the time and Zofran I think may have saved my life but that was it. Yes- It will be great when Sophia is finally here and I can get my old body back, but let me tell you 28 weeks in and this has been a breeze…Someone knock on wood! ;)

Maternity Clothes: Not this week. I have been lounging around in my shorts and t-shirts. Yes everything is a little smaller…but that’s the great thing about Victoria secret comfy shorts/Capri pants and gap t-shirts…they are stretchy!

Sleep: Like a baby! I have to say we have the most amazing bed in the world. It’s actually difficult to go on vacation because the one thing we always say we miss is our bed. We have a Tempurpedic and it is so wonderful! I sleep great every night!

Best moment of the week? Finding out on Sunday night that I would have another week of Vacation!!!

Movement:  Yes, at her usual times. Is it possible she is on a schedule haha BabySO is up and kicking at 6a.m., around 2ish and always like clockwork at 11pm. 

Food cravings:  None.

Food aversions: 

Belly button in or out? In.

Rings off or on?: On. I have had no “swelling” that the doctors said may happen in the summer heat. Thank God. I swear if it weren’t for this big belly and random kicks/dance moves at 6am, 2 and 11pm, I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant! Everything feels the same to me. It’s actually odd, I still feel like me!

Goals for Next Week: I really don’t have much on my “To Do” list; I seemed to have tackled it all. I guess my goal will be to “Pamper Myself” I bought a new book at Barnes and Noble called Spa Momma that I can’t wait to read/try! I will be sure to blog about some of my favorites from the book!

What I miss: Nothing, I’ve been one happy girl. I’m on my third week of paid vacation.

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing up these summer courses. With Sophia on the way, I really wanted to hammer down on the last few classes I needed for my teaching degree. Hard to believe that after this summer I will only have 3 classes left and practical. In total 46 classes…Career changes are never easy and I have to admit, I’m so proud that I pushed myself through 4 years of college. I enjoyed being an Aesthetician but my love for working with children has always been greater…and what better mommy job than a teacher. I love the idea of having the same schedule when Sophia starts 1st grade, and all summers and holidays off, yes please! Working and School has not been easy but Ralph has been Amazing!! I’m sure having the lights on at midnight while I slam on the keys to finish up research papers has not been fun, but he NEVER complained. He truly is the most amazing guy! 

Milestones:  Truth: I have done nothing this week, although I did cook every night. As far as “baby preparing” nothing has happened. I don’t really know what else to do now that her closet and nursery are done. I registered and filled out hospital paper work. Now I guess I just sit back and enjoy the next 12 weeks. At some point maybe during the “nesting” period I want to tackle the Basement!! Organize all of my labeled Rubbermaid bins and have Ralph build some sort of a shelving system for them.

Thoughts: My thoughts are pretty much all over the place, I still can’t believe how FAST the weeks are flying by. I’ve heard so many things from other momma’s like “prepare for a long 9 months.” I feel like I can’t even keep up with these weekly posts because it really is going by so fast! I have 12 WEEKS TO GO!!! 

**Oh and I noticed that I am more nervous than usual when Ralph goes out on his Bike, He left earlier today for a Bike Benefit and I have been anxiously awaiting his arrival home. Other than that, life is good! 

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Unknown said...

So great that everything is going well and am seriously impressed by how organised you are. Definitely makes the last few months easier if everything is sorted.

I would love to see you at the The Friday Baby Shower ... the link party for bump + baby posts, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

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