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A Project For: Sophia  
 Description: I have been thinking of Nursery idea’s even before we found out we were expecting, I’m kinda crazy like that. So I had a good idea of what I wanted to do beforehand. I wanted Ralph to be a part of it, but he knew I had a vision; I showed him my “Nursery” board on Pinterest I had created, ripped magazine pages and said “Do you like the general idea of this?” He said YES, and I was off!! I’m not one to wait and couldn’t see getting her nursery ready a month before her due date so I started basically the day after we found out. I loved the idea of aqua and gray and REALLY love the Chevron pattern. With her nursery it gave me a chance to incorporate this print on our home in a fun way. We didn’t really have a budget when it came to designing her room but I also didn’t want to spend a fortune to create it. I decided I would allow myself to buy a few expensive pieces and be frugal with the rest. I repurposed certain pieces from around our house, spray painted frames and painted an end table using the paint from the walls for inside her closet. 
 Design Inspiration: I have to be honest I HATE dislike Character Nursery’s. Seeing a nursery flooded with Winne the Pooh or Minnie Mouse is definitely not my thing. I like things to look more modern and sheek. I have to also admit while hunting around for stuff including paint (which was blue and gray) most people at the stores assumed I was having a boy! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE PINK but I also didn’t want her room to be a pink explosion, I really wanted something Gender Neutral. Actually during this whole “pregnancy process” I realized how much I hate that everything at the stores have to be “gender specific” Everything for little girls is flowers and pink and everything for boys is trucks and blue. Girls can like Trucks (which I’m positive Sophia will because of her daddy) and I love blue. So I decided to break the rules. I would pick stuff that I liked, not based on “gender” and so we have it Sophia’s Aqua Blue Chevron Nursery! I gathered almost all of my ideas from Pinterest and other Mommy Blogs. I love a calm and inviting feel and have centered our entire home around this.
My main focus was keeping the nursery modern using a color palette of gray, aqua, white and pops of pink. We really wanted a room that was good for Sophia but also peaceful and serene. Because I wanted to keep it simple and clean, I really needed to focus on specific pieces I wanted, even when I wanted to buy the entire nursery section at Pottery Barn! I selected pieces that would bring flare in the room but kept them simple, for example the white ceramic elephant from PB and wooded S.

Project Details: I have to admit the most challenging part was the Chair! It took us about a week to decide on a rocker or glider, who knew it would be such a hard decision. I had my heart set on Pottery Barn Kids comfort Grand Swivel Glider and Ottoman and so did Ralph. Although the price seemed a bit high (Extremely high, after shipping and taxes almost 2,000!) but after searching and searching we kept coming back to this one. We decided that would be one of our bigger purchases and went for it, Confession: Best 2 grand spent EVER! I splurged on a few fun prints from etsy and designer fabrics from Baby Bedding and fun Curtains from Urban Outfitters. I was able to score a bunch of cheap finds at Homegoods, Her mini chevron Rocker that I got for 50 bucks and fun block lettering and chevron baskets for under $80 dollars for all of it! Her book rack was 30, and I painted it using gray Berh paint (it originally was a rust color). We had new carpets put in from Luna (whom we will call Luna-tics!) Worst experience EVER I will save that for another post, lets just say the man LOST IT in my living room after finding out I had an appointment with Empire later in the day, I had to call the police! My Mom surprised me with the Crib from the PB Outlet and a lot of the other chevron pieces we found at Random Homegoods (Yes we traveled to several!) 
 Confession: Ralph and I are always in her Room...We CAN'T WAIT TILL SHE IS HERE! 

Nursery Line Up:

 Paint – Behr: Refreshing Pool

 Bedding – Pottery Barn 
 Fabrics -  Carousel Designs -,
 Bob’s Furniture- Madaline Dresser; It's new so there is no link yet but we purchased it for around $500 with delivery.
 Crib – Gift from my mom, Pottery Barn Outlet

 Glider – Pottery Barn 
 Book Rack- HomeGoods
 Pom Poms - I made but you can order them on Etsy HERE
 Curtains - Urban Outfitters -
 Pictures- Frames I had and spray painted white, Prints from LJB Designs on Etsy
 Cloud Mobile - Etsy-
 Wall Shelf- I had already along with mini plasma tv
 Art over Crib- Frame I already had, Flag runner I made and prints from Etsy

 Storage Boxes in closet – The container store
 Chevron Hamper- Homegoods
 Pillows – HomeGoods
 Chevron Elephant stuffed animal- Etsy 
 Chevron Chair- Homegoods
 Changing Pad & Cover- Babies R Us

 Favorite Item: It’s so hard to choose just one, I honestly love everything in her nursery. One thing that I really love is the cloud mobile! It is so magical and gently moves at the slightest wind. Inside her crib she will have this interactive Screen of some sorts that will play music and be visually stimulating as well so I really wanted to keep her mobile simple. Hand cranking a mobile hundreds of times to comfort the baby wasn’t exactly ideal in my eyes. 

Advice: Nursery’s need to be a special place, warm and inviting. I was thinking of going a bit Loud originally with her room design and inevitably decided against it. I wanted a peaceful place where I could nurse Sophia and an cozy place for Ralph to rock his baby girl and read her bedtime stories. I think that feel was achieved. Eventually when Sophia is bigger we will incorporate her toy shelves and chalkboard/magnetic board on her wall. We plan on making her play room downstairs but still want a fun space for her as well in her bedroom.

Baby Soph's Closet: This was a labor of love. It was a busy day when I went down in my basement and brought up two huge Rubbermaid bins labeled "Sophia 0-6 months" and "Sophia 7-12months!" Yes she has a full wardrobe up until 5 YEARS OLD! Most of you know but for those who don’t, I’m a bit of a “planner” or over-planner for that matter. My ultimate goal in life is to be a mommy and I have been buying clothes for my unborn children since I was 18! No Lie! Crazy I know! Sophia has the most rocking wardrobe and now that she is on her way, I couldn’t be more relieved that I don’t have to purchase any clothes for quit sometime (but I will and I have!) So right now in her closet is just 0-12 months. It was a long day of tag cutting, sticker peeling and washing but it is DONE! I bought wooden chalk board frames for a dollar at the craft store and mod podged pretty scrap booking boarders around each. I also added these to the front of her shoe bin, hair bows, hats and belts (which is actually full of bathing suits too!)

Somehow it happened and the moment passed by…Sarah with an H, Hit over ONE MILLION VIEWS… I’m actually at a loss for words as I think you are all incredible. It’s been so nice to share our lives with such great readers from all over the world! I would have never imaged in a Million Years (pun intended) that I would get THOUSAND of visitors every day! So I just wanted to say thank you all for following our crazy beautiful life. I’m sure you are all in for some good laughs as we become first time parents to our little poppy girl Sophia. It will no doubt be an exciting adventure! 
     I also Joined Top Baby Blogs!! It’s only been a couple of weeks and I'm already on the Homepage and in the TOP 25!!! You all have been so wonderful voting for me! I wish I could thank all of you personally. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s so awesome getting to be a part of the Top Baby blogs on the internet and to be in the top 25 out there is shockingly amazing! You can vote by clicking the link below and clicking the first owl. I really appreciate all the love! 
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