Monday, September 2, 2013

BumpDate: 31 Weeks

How far along: 31 Weeks…9 Weeks to go as of 3 days ago, although at my Ultrasound on Thursday the Dr. said I’m measuring a week ahead of schedule so I may be looking at 8 weeks! Oh Em Geeee!!!

Feeling: Glamorous…Been Dressing up this Baby Bump for lots of functions this week…hard to believe I can still rock 4 inch heels.  

Maternity Clothes: I’ve had to buy a few outfits for different events although I couldn’t seem to find clothes that were “Maternity” that I actually liked.  So honestly I don’t…I just buy regular clothes/dresses that have a little “give.”

Sleep: Hmmm this may be a tough one…Sleep is good…It’s the getting out of our huge bed that becomes the issue. I think Ralph laughs every time I roll out; He has become accustom to extending his arm out and in a hold position as soon as I say help. I use it as a pulley to lift me and this belly up. Sidenote: Ralph is STRONG! ;)   

Best moment of the week? Seeing Baby Sophia at her Ultrasound. She is stunning… We are so in Love with this Little Girl. Baby So is weighing in at approximately 4 pounds 2 ounces. She has the cutest pouty lips I have ever seen!

Movement: All the Time.

Food cravings: Nothing

Food aversions: 

Belly button in or out? In.

Rings off or on?: On.

Goals for Next Week: Just continuing to get organized before Sophia arrives. Make an appointment for Ralph and I to tour the Hospital.  

What I miss: Nothing comes to mind. I haven’t really missed anything…Sometimes I go through the “I wish I could have a bite of that or order that” Only if I’m baking cookies and want cookie dough or over easy eggs at breakfast time…But nothing that devastates me HaHa

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing this Baby Girl!!! She is going to be so LOVED. She already has pretty amazing people who love her already…
Daddy Ralph and Godfather Anthony
 Mind you I have on 4 inch heels…These boys are TALL. Let’s say she will be very well protected. ;)
Milestones: Nothing…We were so eager for Fridays Ultrasound that nothing got done. I wanted each day to pass quickly…honestly they do regardless, the weeks are flying by!

The Beautiful Wedding we attended this weekend...

 Thoughts: Even though this Pregnancy has really felt like a breeze its little things that bring you down to reality that “I AM PREGNANT!!” for instances…Ralph and I went to another beautiful wedding over the weekend and through the pictures, laughter and dancing this momma was beat by 9PM by the time we got home Ralph had to practically carry me upstairs. It seems little activities seem like HUGE activities…and I’m certainly huffing a puffing around. And I also think Movies on “Mother Daughter Sundays” have come to an end. We went to go see The Millers and it was a struggle to sit in that position for two hours with this kicking baby bump!

Oh and I had a Dream that Little Sophia and I were in the Kitchen making Daddy Dinner and Baking Pies....Seriously this little Girl and starting a family is a DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!! 

  Mommy Cant wait To Meet YOU!!!! 
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