Monday, September 9, 2013

BumpDate: 32 Weeks

How far along: 32 Weeks…8 weeks to go!!

Feeling: Great, great and great.  

Maternity Clothes: Here and there…a lot of clothes just stretch, like tank tops and what not.

Sleep: Sleep is good…Oh how I LOVE to sleep. I’m praying Sophia does too ;)    

Best moment of the week? Crisp Fall Days…we have had some really great weather, which makes me eager to meet Sophia and decorate for FALL!!!

Movement: Always, this girl, I tell ya. ;)  

Food cravings: Nothing

Food aversions: 

Belly button in or out? In.

Rings off or on?: On.

Goals for Next Week: Just continuing to get organized before Sophia arrives. Make an appointment for Ralph and I to tour the Hospital.  (which is the same as last week…as you can see I accomplished nothing) ;)

What I miss: Something I’ve been missing for years…MY STREET BIKE!! Oh how I Loved cruising around on that. Although now, things definitely get into perspective, I don’t see myself purchasing one in the future…they are dangerous. You get comfortable and want to always push the boundaries (well at least I did!) I don’t see myself attempting stunts and racing down the highway in three inch sandals doing 120mph anymore. I’m a momma now, and that beats any type of rush! 

  What I'm looking forward to: Ralph holding his baby girl…I can’t get this image out of my head. I can’t wait to see those two together. Ralph is so In Love with his little girl already and it amazes me when she is doing back hand springs in my belly and will stop instantly when “Daddy” puts his hand on my belly, right to sleep she goes! Incredible really. And Sophia getting big enough to wear some of the Tutu Set's I made...

One of the Two Tutu's in my Boutique I couldn't part with!  Johnny Cupcake Tutu Set

Milestones: Can’t think of any…just pushing through. I know I say it every week but time is really flying by. I have LOVED being pregnant, I have no complaints other than getting “Big” but obviously comes with the territory. Oh I guess I do have a symptom that I really haven’t shared with any of my posts (Maybe because I have become “accustom” to it, if that’s possible) but starting around 19 weeks I had this weird awful pain in my throat (sorry about to get gross) but it felt like hot vomit that was stuck. Diagnosis: Heartburn. So I eat Tums all the time. I really had no clue what it was…but if that’s the worst than I’ll take it ;) I do feel like I “waddle” too…but I guess that’s part of getting “big!”

Thoughts: I would like to make gift bags for all the staff at the hospital that will be dealing with “The Baby” by that I mean ME!!!! Did y’all know that I cry when I get shots, blood drawn and almost passed out when I got my ultra sound TWICE! Yes the second the technician said the word “umbilical blood” I could feel my body turn to Jello!! I knew it wasn’t long, luckily she noticed right away and said do you want to sit up?! Ralph gave me some ice water and I managed to get through it, but I can’t even imagine how I will be with an IV stuck in my arm and going through labor. So now I just need to ask some momma’s how many Dr’s and nurses are typically in the room so I can make some “I’m sorry I will be a head case Goodie Bags.” 
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