Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crib Critters Review

Introducing Crib Critters! Baby CribToys with imagination
We received this product Free for Review purposes but all opinions are100% Honest :)

The newest crib toy craze for wrapping around the crib rail or stroller handle!

Cute little Giraffe crib toy is one of our favorites!

Gift boxed, this makes a unique baby shower gift.

You may have heard it called a “bed around” toy but we like to call them Crib Critters!

What the peeps at Crib Critters and Toys had to say, “Crib Critters and Toys are the brainchild of a retired portrait photographer who enjoyed the gleeful sounds of children at play.  A unique baby toy, Crib Critters™ found their way into the hearts of moms, grandparents and babies alike.”

“Our main distribution center is near Atlanta, Ga.  Our parent company may be reached by phone at 888-860-5064 or email us at sales @ Our main sales are through Amazon at “baby toys” — our store there is Haynes Bridge. Co. If we can help you in any way, just drop us an email or call.”

I can’t rave enough about these crib critters, not only is the critter the most entertaining durable toy out there but the customer services is amazing. I was in constant contact with the company and knew exactly when it was going to be shipped. Not to mention it was packaged in the most adorable box. Seriously gift ready if you need a fun baby shower gift!!! You won’t even have to wrap it!
I think one of my favorite aspects about this toy is IT STAYS PUT!! There is nothing worse than constantly picking up a toy that fell or that your baby can’t reach. I LOVE that it wraps around her crib, car seat and stroller! And I can’t lie; I have totally rigged it up to her walking chair and wagon! Sophia is obsessed with it. She loves the music and mirror…and I love hearing her squeal when she uses the rattle or squeaker! You all have to go out and get some of these adorable critters!!!

You can purchase them HERE!!!

****** UPDATE **********

Crib Critters is coming out with "Critter" COVERS!!! and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

Name that Critter!

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