Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh the Places So will Go

To say I have been loving being a stay at home mom would be an understatement...I am completely head over heels! I have so much fun with Sophia...It really is the BEST job in the world. I will be forever grateful to Ralph for working so hard to make my dream a reality! No more alarm clocks, I wake up to my sweet baby smiling HUGE in my arms. The feeling is indescribable.

We have been busy, busy, busy for the past eight months. Now that the weather is beautiful out I have been taking Sophia on Lots of Adventures. Here is a picture stroll through the past few months.

Sophia's First Wedding
We take lots of walks with my friend Sonia...Here is Sophia's BFF Jaxson!
First Time at the Movies...We saw Blended.
In the Jump Jump at my Godmomma Sandra's Surprise 30th Birthday!
At Southwick Zoo. Those Goats were too Scary but I LOVED everything else!!
We go to Parks on Monday's and Fridays!!! I love to drive around and find new parks in all the surrounding towns! She LOVES to Swing!
We had so much fun at the EcoTarium.
No FEAR this Baby LOVES her Dinosaurs!!

We Go to story time on Tuesdays!! Sophia is always the youngest one there...Funny that she is SOOOO into all the books and sits quietly the entire time!! On this special Story time day Sophia met GEORGE! And YES I dressed her all in Yellow on Purposes ;)
 We Have Picnic's in The Common On Wednesdays! We have lunch, Listen to Story's and do fun activities!!
I think I will stop there....This post would never end if I kept going. This baby is certainly soaking in all the entertainment!! We have such a Blast together...She is for sure My Soul Mate! Happy Sunday Everyone!! We are off to a cookout after "naps" its a Beautiful Day out there!!!!! Enjoy!

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