Thursday, September 4, 2014

Walking Wings Review

I'm always amazed when Sophia reaches a new milestone! From the baby that I never thought she would roll over to the now 10 month old who is attempting to WALK! When did this happen, where did my little baby go! It really did fly by! In the meantime we have been trying to keep our frustrated crawler, happy on her feet! We can tell she wants to walk so badly! Crawling got old quick...she flies, but now she wants to be up and running! It's been a blast, but after weeks of being hunched over helping Sophia walk all around the house are backs are in need of major down time! Well that went out the window as soon as Walking Wings arrived on our doorstep! We couldn't be more excited to receive this product for review, and what timing!

Hear what the peeps at Walking Wings had to say,

Good for Babies & Parents:

"Walking Wings is a unique padded support vest that securely fastens around the chest of the baby and has two adjustable straps for parents to hold while baby learns to walk and attempts to take those first steps."

"Walking Wings was created by pediatricians and medical experts to help your baby safely learn to walk by balancing hands-free and experiencing fewer falls. Walking Wings eliminates the tugging and pulling on baby's arms which can result in Nursemaid's elbow - the most common orthopedic injury in children age 2."

"Parents and caregivers benefit from Walking Wings by being able to better support baby while standing upright and not having to bend over for prolonged periods of time. Both parent and baby are more comfortable and confident as baby starts to take those magical first steps!"

Pediatrician recommended for babies learning to walk (6+ months)
Allows baby to balance hands-free
Reduces falls
Builds confidence and stability
Reduces back strain for parents
Vest fits 19-26 chest circumference
Machine washable
Available in Blue or Pink

So When should you buy and start using your walking wings?!?!?

"Parents and caregivers should use Walking Wings once  baby is showing interest that he/she is ready to practice walking. Click here to learn more about signs your baby is ready to walk.  If your baby has good balance, can bear weight unassisted and is clearly interested in walking, he/she is ready for Walking Wings." I couldn't agree more!! Sophia mastered crawling but then grew board she loves being up right and cruises along all the furniture! She just started to stand for long periods of time (long for Ralph and I) About a minute or two! Ha!

Although she loves when Ralph and I hold her hands and she is able to walk all over the house! After 15 minutes of this I'm hunched over holding my back! Its a lot! Never mind doing it for 30 minutes!  Walking Wings has truly saved us and made our Baby HAPPY! Sophia acts so proud when she makes her way into the office, kitchen, playroom, anywhere really! If there is someone in the room to greet her when she walks through she is grinning from ear to ear! One thing I also noticed was how she is able to balance more now that she has her arms free! Because I'm not holding her hands she can stretch her arms out and use that added balance that she will need to have when she finally does master walking!

Ready to take those first steps together? Get Walking Wings now. Only $24.99!

We also received the Milk be honest I have never heard of this. What a genius invention!!

Here is some info on this amazing product,

Milkscreen Alcohol is an easy to use at home test to detect the presence of alcohol in breast milk. Milkscreen Alcohol test strips detect the presence of alcohol at 13.1 mg/dL or greater in breast milk.
Because everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, the amount of time it takes for the alcohol to leave your breast milk also varies. Alcohol is not trapped in breast milk, and draining your breasts will not expedite the elimination of the alcohol out of your system.
Over time your body will naturally metabolize the alcohol from your breast milk but the only way to know for certain that the alcohol is gone is to test your breast milk. A "feeling" of intoxication or non-intoxication is not an accurate indicator of determining if alcohol is present or not in breast milk. 
  Milkscreen Alcohol Test Strips   
Learn more about questions surrounding alcohol and breastfeeding.

Milkscreen Alcohol is a consumer product, and not intended to be used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of alcohol intoxication or poisoning or other health-related conditions in women or nursing babies.

See Milkscreen Information Guide for complete details.   See the MilksvcSSee

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