Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sophia is 10 Months

SOPHIA is TEN Months OLD!!!!!

Weight: 21 lbs.
Height: 29 inches.

Avocado, Hummus, Sweet Potato, all greens, (green beans, kale, spinach, peas, if its green she LOVES it!), water, like drinks a few baby Poland springs a day!

Having her Diaper Changed...She usually escapes and takes off naked!

{Sleeping} Still going up around 7:30 and in bed by 9. Sleeping until 9:00 or so in the morning, it's Great!! I've heard a few people say you wont get lucky like that with #2 so enjoy it. She will take 1 long nap around 10:30-11 that lasts about an hour and a half….and sometimes another long nap, or a few cat naps in the afternoon.

It really has been a BIG month, it is amazing how much they can pick up! Sophia has mastered waving Hello and Bye Bye, pulling up and standing all the time, talking up a storm, trying to walk, she also speed crawls all over the house! She has also just started doing "Kiss" and making the Mauh sound every time we say it! She catches and throws mini beach balls, all while saying baall, baaaalll. I can not believe how much she has changed this month. I am really excited to see what 10 months brings, because 9 months ROCKED!!!

{Movement} She is a crazy crawler!! She now lifts her knees off the ground and even gets up in the standing position on her own!!! She cruises along all of the furniture!!! She is always on the move!

{Eating} Eating has been really easy. She is not a picky eater, she nurses throughout the day and likes to have whatever we are having. Some of her favorites being guacamole, hummus and Sweet Potato!

{Teething} No new teeth. Still has 4!

{Talking} Saying, Dadda, Ball, Momma and lots of single letter sounds when she is just babbling throughout the day! I think Ralph was ecstatic that her first word was Dadda....but it quickly gave way to her favorite activity BALL!!! She plays catch, roll and throw all day! 

It has been a very busy summer, we have been spending time at the beach house, going to play groups, cookouts, birthday parties, Sophia's christening, baby movies, museums, zoo's, picnics ...Really, you name it we have done it! I am SOOOOO Excited that the air is getting cool though....I can't wait for FALL!!! Last year Sophia was brand new ;) the holidays were so magical but I can only imagine what they will be like this year. She will be able to pick her own pumpkins at the patch, get her own apples, go trick or treating, open her own presents, try cake on her 1st Birthday,  have Nonni's Thanksgiving Dinner!!! I really could do on an on! We are so excited!!

Happy 10 Months Baby Girl!
NOTE: Advertising and Sponsoring
Sponsorship for Sophia's 1st Birthday closes on September 1st! We have signed on several pretty Amazing Companies!! If you are looking to be apart of her Rodeo Themed Birthday Please contact me via email at sarahreneelee@yahoo.com  Any items need to be shipped and received by September 15th. Her Big Day will take Place on October 5th! Thank You All :)

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