Sunday, August 17, 2014

GloDose Review

I love products that are made to make your life easier. GloDose being one of them! What is GloDose you ask??! "GloDose® is the mom-invented medicine dropper that makes administering medicine easier. When it comes to innovative baby products, it's still mom who knows best. With a soft glow, parents can accurately measure the medicine dosage with the lights off, leaving baby to stay comfortable and start getting healthy again." Being a first time mom, I learned VERY quickly how valuable NOT waking a sleeping baby REALLY is!

I love that the GloDose illuminates just enough for you to see what you are doing but not wake your sleeping baby or toddler! More importantly it is accurate! Its so important to not over medicate your most precious gifts! Plus the GloDose is SUPER easy to clean! This is definitely a MUST HAVE item in your house!!

Benefits of using GloDose®

  • No light disturbance... No more disturbing your child at night by turning the lights on!
  • No leaving the room to measure.
  • Your child peacefully returns to sleep.
  • A safer way of dosing at night, which lowers the risks of underdosing or overdosing.
You can Purchase your GloDose HERE

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