Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shaidee Sun Cover Review

Sophia and I are out a lot! This being Sophia's first summer I want her to experience everything! One thing I know for sure is we need to be safe! I have very fair skin and I always practice sun safety. I'm an avid sunblock user and want that same protection and then some for my baby girl! We have been using badger sunscreen all summer long but I never really can tell how long before I need to reapply and still don't feel comfortable having Sophia be in the hot sun even with it on! We love to go on walks, especially in her baby Bjorn and Moby! She is a wicked snuggle and loves the comfort of being close to her momma! I tried putting hats on her to block the direct sunlight but she wasn't having it...she is more of a bow fan ;) Insert the BEST invention ever HERE, The SHAIDEE!!! This genius invention that is designed to wrap right around you with a very secure Velcro and keep your baby sun free! WooHoo!! Sophia loves it and I don't even feel it on!!

What the Peeps at Shaidee had to say,
"Shaidee ™ is a revolutionary new product designed for anyone concerned with protecting their baby from the harmful rays of the sun. Shaidee™ is a patent pending product that is “sun SMART cool GEAR™”! It is a lightweight, sleek “visor” that fits easily around any person carrying a baby in most models of front baby carrier or sling.  It also works with car seats and most strollers - it is a multi-use item!"

"Shaidee™ is manufactured in Canada using antimicrobial medical grade foam and Quick-Dry bird-eye mesh with 3M wicking designed to keep you cool and comfortable. Shaidee™ has been third party certified to comply with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act! In other words, Shaidee™ is Sun SMART Cool GEAR™ for you and your baby!"

We also received the bug net....It will definitely come in handy when we go to Maine this coming week!!! I refuse to put those harmful chemicals on my baby so this was the BEST solution! It will keep them away and wont harm her!!

We went to the park today and it was Super Sunny!!! So much so that Sophia was unable to open her eyes while on the swing! I also hated the fact that she was in direct sunlight with no shade! Well Shaidee certainly has multiple uses!!! All I did was wrap it around the swing using the Velcro straps and problem solved!!! Sophia LOVED that she was able to open her eyes and enjoy swinging for another 30 minutes! I was happy that my baby was protected from those harmful rays!!! Later she ended up falling asleep...I sat in the swing and she napped away. Although it started to get buggy because we are near the wooded area. Our Bug net kept her Bug Bite Free!

Shaidee™ can be purchased online  through partners, and in select boutique retail stores across North America. Go Get yours TODAY!! :) We are so happy we have ours!! Don't forget to follow them on Facebook!

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