Thursday, August 14, 2014

Critter Covers Review

Crib Critters and Toys have done it again!! Remember a few months back when I raved about the amazing crib toys Sophia received?!? Well this spectacular company decided to up their ante and came out with CRITTER COVERS!!! Sophia was sent one graciously for review and can I please tell you...they are ADORABLE! They come adorned with Little Lady bugs and cute flowers & are SUPER absorbent! You all know I've been around the block when it comes to cloth diapering! I have had countless companies send us cloth diapers and there are a select few that remain in Sophia's Diaper drawer. These will definitely be one of them!

Critter Covers Cloth Baby Diapers - by Crib Critters - Adjustable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers

What the peeps at Crib Critters and Toys had to say,
"Pocket Diapers are the next best thing to disposable diapers. And Critter Covers are the perfect pocket diapers because they are eco-friendly, healthy and more economical than disposable diapers.
Critter Covers reusable cloth diapers fit all baby sizes thanks to the adjustable snaps that grow with your baby. Each cloth diaper includes one starter microfiber insert. Additional inserts in bamboo or microfiber are also available.  Featuring a pocket opening with elastic and elastic along the legs, Critter Critters are proven to prevent leakage. Our high quality cloth diapers have TPU laminated polyester outer with PUL inner. PUL is a polyester/polyurethane laminate fabric, waterproof, stretches, lint free, hypoallergenic and the film is breathable (no diaper rash). Our styles include several printed patterns for boys or girls and gender-neutral. Please see all styles of Critter Covers by Crib Critters on Amazon.
 8 Reasons Why Your Baby Should Be Wearing Critter Covers:
♥ They are washable
♥ They are waterproof
♥ The film is breathable (no diaper rash!)
♥ They stretch with complete recovery
♥ They are hypoallergenic
♥ They are lint free
♥ They are abrasion resistant
♥ They are solvent laminated

Purchase you CRITTER COVERS Here!!! and I Can't lie... Sophia will Definitely be sporting the Spiderman one too!!!! It will match her new Spiderman Headband ;) We think Super Hero's Kick Butt and are def for Girls Too!! :)

Go check them out on their website and Facebook!!

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