Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kinderfeets Review

Sophia is obsessed with Bikes!!! She has been for the past few months... She loves when Ralph puts her on her motorcycle and pushes her around the house. We were both saying she will do great once she can gain her balance! When Kinderfeets gave us the opportunity to review one of their balance bikes I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for Sophia!!

Kinderfeets is a patented wooden balance bike alternative to training wheels that comes in six different chalkboard finish colors or a natural finish. We received the orange bike and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! The wheels will never go flat as they are made with solid rubber! The chalk board finish is Fun for Sophia as she can make it her own! Did I mention the chalk comes with the bike too!! FUN! I know Sophia will grow into her bike in no time! Another great aspect of this bike is it adjust and grows with your child! Ralph built it (it came in 5 pieces) in about 5 minutes! It is super easy to assemble and quality wood! Definitely made to last!! Ralph and Sophia have been having fun cruising around the house on it and taking it into the yard!!

What the peeps at Kinderfeets had to say,

"Derived from the Dutch for “children” and “bicycle,” a Kinderfeets is a wooden push bike designed to ease the transition to pedal-powered bicycle at a toddler’s comfort level."

"More than a toy, Kinderfeets is a father’s gift to his son. Disappointed with the push bikes available, Dutch designer Oscar Mulder decided to create his own balance bike for his son, Sebastiaan."

"Oscar wanted Sebastiaan to be able to cruise once he became confident enough, so he broke the push bike mold and added footpegs. Knowing kids love to get dirty, he added a removable seat cover that can go in the wash with the rest of the laundry. Other push bikes have inflatable tires that go flat, interrupting the fun. But Kinderfeets’ tires don’t require air. Plus, Kinderfeets’ colorful chalkboard finish provides a reusable canvas for children to exercise their creativity. Older now, Sebastiaan rides a regular bike with ease and confidence – all thanks to the push bike his father designed with him in mind."

They also have bikes for the even younger babes that we will most definitely be getting for Sophia so that she can cruise around now!! We just think Kinderfeets absolutely ROCKS!!!! They are a great company, fast delivery and truly care about their customers! You wont be disappointed!

Connect with Kinderfeets:
We received this product free for review but all opinions are 100% honest!

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Lindsay said...

Those bikes are adorable! My daughter would love to have one!

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