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My First Book Series Review

I have always been a book junkie....even more so now that our sweet Sophia is here! I have yet to come across a book that has had me absolutely floored. That was until I heard about My First Book Series from Nursery Books by Sophie Helenek!!! We were delighted when we found out we were being given the series for a review! Being an elementary teacher I know the importance of early reading. This book series has surpassed my expectations and then some! The quality of the books is fabulous too! After Ralph or I read the books to Sophia she likes to "read" them after us. Flipping the pages and putting them in her mouth. Theses books are really great quality and I know will be a staple in our home for babies #2 and #3 god willing. Sophia is so engaged while we read these books! I love that these books not only provide eye stimulation but also help develop her senses!!

I have been to several baby showers in the past six months and decided that I would start the tradition of getting the babies "Library" started!! These books would certainly make the perfect baby shower gift!!!

My First Book series, by Sophie Helenek, is a sturdy delightful board books, specially dedicated to infant's developmental growth milestones: Vision, Memory, Speech, and Social skills, by stimulating baby's developing senses, building listening and memory skills.
MY FIRST BOOK Series is a cutting-edge new baby book series conceived from babies' perspective supports senses and bonding. The series was developed based on the ultra-complex and rapid development of newborns, babies, and toddlers, to bring positive reinforcement while engaging baby with fun.
They are not just picture books or bedtime stories but rather activity books conceived to stimulate a baby's senses.
Here how it works:
  • My First Book features simple illustrations with black-and-white and high-contrast patterns designed especially for the very young to focus on.
  • As babies gets older, their brain's at work learn to distinguish bright primary colors, and will start identifying the illustrations with the words you read triggering their memory process.
  • Each picture is accompanied by a simple word that babies will love repeating and which help their speech development.
  • The last pages show all the illustrations together, which also helps the baby's memory process.
  • My First Book series offers a special feature for toddlers, as they can write on the book with a white board pen, wipe it, and write again!
  • My First Book illustrations are carefully selected to bring up to light on common and uncommon words to baby, as well as fuel knowledge of Baby surroundings.
 My First Book series is a great tool for parenting to engage baby with fun and positive reinforcement. Here an example of interaction layers that parents could entertain with their baby with MY FIRST BOOK MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS:
a.         Ask baby to show you the Piano: this question promotes word recognition and pointing. As there is only Pianos on the page, it is less confusing for baby to understand the question, help baby to associate the Piano illustration to the word Piano, and increase her chance of success to show you a Piano. Baby starts associating words as well as understanding the concept of pointing, and how to respond to the question “show me”.
b.         Ask baby to show you the green Piano: this type of question supports baby in his basic concepts understanding such as shape, sizes, color and counting.
c.         As baby grow older, deepen baby understanding by asking specific questions such as “Show me the upside down Piano”, which reinforce his spatial dimension understanding, or “Show me the dark green Piano touches”, which enrich baby vocabulary and imagination, and encourage baby to pay attention to details.
d.         Read aloud each words then break them down by letters: each letters have different colors to encourage baby letter recognition, which later on would support her spelling skills.
e.         Encourage your toddler to color, draw, and write on the book to foster his fine motor skills.
Babies' eye Stimulation

Very nearsighted, newborns can only see blurry shapes. As the nervous system matures, babies' acuity improves. Your baby's color vision is also developing, so brightly colored books like MY FIRST BOOK will help develop this ability to distinguish color and form. Soft pastel colors, though, are difficult for a baby to appreciate. Therefore, babies reflexively prefer to look at high-contrast edges and patterns. Large black and white patterns present the highest possible contrast (100%) to the eye and thus are the most visible and attractive to babies.
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