Thursday, August 7, 2014

Squooshi Review and Giveaway

I received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% Honest

        Sophia and I are on the go almost everyday! I love to keep busy and surround our days with at least one fun activity out of the house...even if its just going to the Park! Sophia nutrition is something that is a main focus in our everyday life! As a mom I'm always striving to give Sophia the best. Yes at times when we aren't prepared she will have a jar of premade food. Things get busy. But for the most part Sophia has homemade organic fresh fruits and veggies of course along with breastmilk. Making food has been a lot of trial and error but I think I have her favorites down pat.

        I had originally started with freezing small portions in a rubber baby tray that I had purchased at whole foods. Its easy when we are home because I'm able to pop out a cube and defrost and serve it to Sophia in her dishes. Although on the go it just isn't always that easy!! Along comes SQUOOSHI!!!! Let Sophia and I tell you we HEART this Company, Bigtime!!!! They totally rock and so do their reusable on the go pouches!! Now that summer is in full swing we can't get enough. The best part, once i fill them they can go right into the freezer. When Sophia and I are flying out the door I don't even think twice...I grab a few pouches and we are out the door. I love that I can just throw them in the diaper bag in the a.m. frozen and when lunch time rolls around its ready to eat!

They are so easy to use, the concept is genius really! There is a strong ziplock seal at the bottom and screw tops. Sophia is able to hold it her self and mastered sucking up the yummy food her very first try. And I can't lie....I've been packing my smoothies in them. So easy and convenient, for parents snacks too!!

Fill. Eat. Wash. Repeat. It's that easy.

Here are some tips and facts from the peeps over at Squooshi...

What can I put in a Squooshi?

Squooshi refillable pouches are perfect for any squishy food. We fill them with applesauce, smoothies, fruit, grain and veggie purees, homemade baby food, yogurts, oatmeal – anything of a squishy consistency.

Where can Squooshi Pouches go?

Squooshis are easy to fill and take with you wherever you go. School. The park. Sporting events. Bike rides. Car rides. In the stroller. Soccer practice. You name it!

For homemade baby food, Squooshi reusable squeeze pouches mean no more frozen cubes or fussing around with freezer trays, no extra bowls and spoons, and no breakable jars or double-dipping. They can go straight from filling, to the freezer, to your bag, to your child's hand (and mouth) with no fuss (and less mess!).

Don't tell your kiddos, but you'll probably end up using Squooshi refillable food pouches too - they're great for the gym, bike rides, camping and travel.

How do I fill my Squooshi?
Squooshi pouches can be filled in two easy ways.
1. Through an extra sturdy zipper located on the bottom of the pouch.  Simply turn the pouch over, pull apart the zipper, make sure your cap is on and pour or spoon in your favorite squishy food.  Some people like to use a funnel but we think its super easy to just use a spoon once you get the hang of it.  For optimal use, Squooshi pouches should be filled about ¾ full depending on the content. TO PREVENT LEAKAGE, DO NOT OVERFILL.
2. With the Squooshi Fill n Squeeze,  a compact, no mess, filling station that will fill up to four large 4.5 oz pouches in just seconds.  Find out more here.
Avoid the microwave, hot liquids, and anything with a consistency thinner than applesauce.
REGARDING CONSISTENCY, for little ones that may be even more inclined to squeeze and tip their Squooshis, we suggest making your purees a bit thicker so they're less likely to spill out as little hands eat and play.  Or, try capping your Squooshi with the Sip'n tops with a flow control valve and cap. Learn more about these awesome little soft tops here.

How do I clean my Squooshi?

Our pouches were designed specifically for ease of cleaning.   Every section of the interior of our pouch is easily rinsed with a direct stream of water.  Just pop them in the top rack of your dishwasher or wash them by hand with warm soapy water.   Here you can see how easily Squooshi pouches clean up.

You can Purchase your starter kit with SIX pouches HERE

If that wasn't enough to make you fall in love with Squooshi, they are also giving away SIX pouches to one of my Lucky Readers!!!

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My daughters would love this! Fingers crossed for this!

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Looks like fun!

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The penguin is my favorite.

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Wish I had these when my son was growing up and food wasn't his favorite past time !

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