Saturday, August 2, 2014

Toothbrush Subscription Review

I receive lots of subscription boxes and my favorites tend to be the practical subscription boxes. You know the ones that make life with a new baby that much easier. For example toys that are age appropriate for a growing baby or razors for Ralph, even socks! You wouldn't believe the amount of things you forget when babies enter your life. Don't get me wrong we are on cloud nine now that Sophia is here, but we don't seem to come down from that cloud. One thing that has slipped our mind in these past 9 adventurous months was continuing to change out or toothbrushes every two months.

When I heard about the new subscription service called Toothbrush Subscriptions I knew that we had to have it!! No more having to remember what month we had switched out our toothbrushes!! Toothbrush Subscriptions will send your family all the toothbrushes of your choice monthly! When they offered my family the subscription for review I just couldn't pass it up!!

How does a Toothbrush Subscription work? 

A Toothbrush Subscription is very simple. The first thing you do is choose from one of their three toothbrushes that best suits you. Once you select your toothbrush and your favorite color you will choose how often you want to have that fresh toothbrush delivered to your door, every 1, 2, or 3 months.

Your first toothbrush will arrive within 3-8 business days and then a fresh toothbrush will arrive again, automatically, on the schedule you set (every 3 months for example.) You can choose just one toothbrush or as many as you like. There is no limit.

Not only do they have adult toothbrushes but also carry a line for babies and toddlers! WoooHooo

We have started brushing Sophia's teeth twice a day ever since her first two teeth popped through!
 This brush is sized just right, the smallest of their manual toothbrushes. A unique, custom built grip helps your child build proper brushing principles early. As dentists recommend, this brush is equipped with extra soft bristles!

This momma is HAPPY!!! One less worry and an easy reminder! Once the package comes in the mail I walk upstairs toss out our old and in with the new!! Thank you Toothbrush subscription, you guys ROCK! You can purchase your subscription HERE Click To Vote For Us @ the Top Baby Blogs Directory! The most popular baby blogs

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Tessa Smith said...

this looks amazing! I would love something like this!

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