Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dorkfood Review

I am just going to say it.... I'm the Queen at OVERCOOKING Meat!! There has been more nights then I care to share that Ralph has joked about his jaw hurting from chewing. No its not a complement. My dry, overcooked chicken, steak and pork is not a fan in this house. That was until Sous vide arrived on my doorstep!!     

What is that you ask????? "Sous vide is a method of cooking that helps to bring food to exact temperature, without overcooking, keeping the food juicier than other methods. The Dorkfood DSV is a plug-n-play device that transforms your favorite kitchen equipment into a sous vide cooker, without the fancy equipment, loss of counter space, or costly investment. Essentially, dinner can be ready when you are when you use sous vide! As an increasingly popular method with top chefs and food hackers alike, the Dorkfood DSV offers the average home cook the ability to sous vide at home without sacrificing quality or flexibility! As an affordable device with fantastic accuracy, the Dorkfood DSV can bring sous vide dishes to your own kitchen."

So it has happened... I have turned into the master chef (Ralph likes to take credit) He is just as excited for this device as I am! We have been using it every night! Here is some more info from the peeps over at Dorkfood:

What is Sous-Vide?

"Sous-vide is one of the most precise cooking methods available.  Cooking (in the literal sense) is done to provide flavor, modify texture, and kill microorganisms. Most cooking methods require lots of heat and a little bit of guesswork: if you've ever over or under-cooked anything, you can attest to that!
Sous vide is different: you heat the food at the desired final temperature - there's no guesswork.  For example, if you want to prepare a medium-rare steak (with a center of 130°F) your sous-vide water-bath would be set to 130°F.  The result is extremely consistent, whereby the temperature and 'doneness' of the food is exactly the same from the outside to the center - perfect every time.
Sous-vide requires a water-bath with precise temperature control.  Food is placed in the water-bath, typically after being vacuum-sealed (exceptions include eggs or cooking in brine).  Sealing the food allows it to fully retain flavor, moisture and nutrients during cooking, makes for easy cleanup, and allows for painless transfer between fridge (or freezer) and water-bath."
Our First Time using the DSV we made steaks! They we cooked perfectly! Ralph took them out and seared them and with in seconds we had the two most Unbelievable Steaks we have ever had AT HOME!!!!

Ralph and I had a Vacuum Sealer so we lucked out when we did the water bath in the Crockpot. Although it is Not Required! You can use Ziploc bags!! Although I have to admit after using our vacuum sealer for a few months we can really see a difference in our food. Not to mention now that we are OBSESSED with our Dorkfood Sous-Vide! It's crazy to think we are cooking food to perfection as if we had a personal chef in our own home!! And for only $99!!! CRAZY!!! This is a MUST HAVE for all kitchens! I have brought it over to friends houses over the holidays and it was a dream!!
If you are a Fan of Whole Foods or Trader Joes like us you can purchase your meats already in vacuum sealed bags! Or if you are friends with your butcher they may even do it for you, doesn't hurt to ask and it really keeps your food fresher and tastier!
You have to check out the OTHER Uses....we are SUPER excited to be making our own Homemade Yogurt this weekend!!
You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter where they post new recipes too!!!

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