Sunday, February 8, 2015

Brave Breastfeeding Momma

I went into this whole mommy hood thing pretty open minded. It didn't take long before people started to show me a whole new kind of ugly. The kind of ugly that exist in the mommy world... that I obviously knew little about! You know the democrat or republican kind of politics which became the breastfeeding vs. formula, cloth diapering vs. disposable, homemade baby food vs. pre-made, vaxing vs. not vaxing and really that's the tip of the iceberg.

I always envisioned breastfeeding my babies so I just assumed I would. In the event that it didn't work out (because TRUTH: some people just cant! Whether it be because of preference, health issues or a number of other reasons.) I had hoped it would go well but the "planner" I am also had formula on stand by. Sophia caught on and I loved nursing my baby...weeks went by and reality started to set in. When you leave the bubble of your home aka Safe Haven you found how difficult the world can be. Especially for a first time mom that needs to feed a crying baby when you are out!!

Here it comes.... the awkward "Where do I feed my hungry baby" oh that's right in a filthy target bathroom stall because I'm a new mom and I fear the stares as if I'm committing a crime because my sweet little baby is hungry. Or my car with the heat cranked in an empty parking lot (safe I know)...better yet I will just be a hermit until my child no longer requires breastmilk as a means to survive. That's basically how I lived my life for the first 6 months of Sophia's life.

Then the tired I don't give a shit mommy came out! The one that realized who really cares what these people think. And how in the heck are we going to normalize breastfeeding if we are all hiding in dirty bathroom stalls?!?

Time to brave the world...I bought SEVEN super rad nursing covers. What a little hipster mommy I will be...rocking these cool duds while being able to feed my baby in a now sanitary environment!

Or so I thought. Truth: who designed these non breathable sweat shops! Sophia HATED to have her head covered. So much so that she would scream bloody murder and would rather not eat then be stuck under the dark sauna of a cloth. Well ladies and gents...guess I'm back to sitting on a public toilet seat or better yet just never leaving my house but that's not reality...we have to live life.

 Get ready here comes the strangers (the people that really have no bearing in your everyday life but still want to have input) with their fabulous advice.... "Why don't you just pump and bottle feed when you are out?" Great Idea, Why have I waited 6 months to think of this! (Totally being sarcastic) Lets see because I have to put that breast milk in a cooler so it will not spoil. Which in turn leaves me with cold milk when it comes time to feed my hungry baby and because I do not have a microwave or stove in my purse to boil water and heat this bottle and I'm out of luck. Not to mention Sophia has rarely ever had a bottle in her life so she does not take well to them. But thanks for your words of wisdom stranger.

The day had finally come...We were at Long Horns restaurant and even though I had fed Sophia before we left the house she was hungry again. I had officially had it up to here with feeding my baby in a smelly public bathroom stall, I hated the thought of leaving the restaurant before our food even came out and I did not want to go out in the pouring rain to feed Sophia in the car! So I did the unthinkable, I grabbed my sweet faced baby, put her on my lap and lifted up my shirt. In ten minutes she was done, she was happy and all smiles! I was elated, my baby was fed, I didn't have to run around like a crazy woman and no one noticed nor cared.

Life has been easy. Then Sophia turned ONE! The age where lots of people believe it's time to automatically stop breastfeeding. I had a hard time with that, I didn't feel Sophia was ready and I really started to feel the pressure around me! Luckily this mamma has some pretty awesome family & friends that are super supportive! The best saying I've heard yet from a soon to be momma and Doula friend... Cows milk is for baby calves not baby humans. So I'm going to stick with my mommy instincts and we are still going...15 months strong! And boy do I have one, happy, healthy baby girl!!

We will continue to spread the word and normalize breastfeeding!! I couldn't be more happy to be doing that with these killer rags from Ratticle Baby!! They have Pregnancy announcement onesie, personalized onesies, custom baby clothes, breastfeeding onesies and shirt, attachment parenting apparel and more. We are totally OBSESSED!!They have the BEST customer service and are eager to help in any way! Here is a little bit about how Ratticle Baby came about, "So often, with my own kids, I have thought, "I wish they made a onesie/shirt that says..." and that is how Ratticle Baby was born. I decided if I couldn't find those shirts, I would make them, then later sell them. I am a parent educator and teacher of breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, cosleeping, no-cry sleep solutions and more, and I wanted to find clothing that celebrated that. It became an opportunity for me to help support our family while being able to stay home and homeschool my boys. I also love that I can advocate for things like co-sleeping, breastfeeding, etc., in a fun way. It's also a fun to be able to say, "There's a onesie for that..."

As a breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping mama myself I was psyched!! Sophia received some amazing shirts and with her bold personality sports them proudly!!

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