Tuesday, March 24, 2015

FabKids Subscription Box

I love little girl fashion. I have been having a blast outfitting Sophia but there are some days when I have no clue what to put on her! When I was offered a chance to review FabKids a monthly subscription clothing box I was so excited! I have been a fan before Sophia was born. What is so great about this subscription is the clothes are already styled! Not to mention the quality is fabulous and it is so easy to order! Plus you can always skip a month as long as you do so by the 5th and you have the ability to cancel at anytime!

There were so many choices to choose from but I finally narrowed it down to these adorable sequenced gold boots, star tutu and unicorn shirt!!! Sophia was so excited to put it on!! I can not get over the convenience of this box! Pick your outfit and it's ready at your door. No searching clothing racks or trying to pair things together! As a busy mom this is ideal!

Regular membership
Shop all outfits at regular retail prices                     
Outfit pricing starts at $42.00
VIP membership
First outfit $15 plus FREE shipping
Save up to 50% OFF retail prices
Exclusive VIP pricing
Personalized outfit picks
Earn FabKids reward points
Cancel at any time

Purchase your clothing subscription box at FABKIDS
The Price: $29.99 per month
Right Now:Buy 1 get 1 FREE

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