Saturday, March 14, 2015

Uncommon Goods for Mothers Day

So you all might know about my love affair with Uncommon Goods! In fact our home is filled with their items! I love different and I REALLY love quality! When Sophia was born I knew we would find some amazing items from Uncommon Goods! A few of our favorites that you may have seen on the blog are the Construction plate & Utensils and her Safari Puzzle Blocks.
With Mother's Day rapidly approaching Uncommon Goods has you covered!  I was honored to have the opportunity to shop over there to bring you all a review! Because truth be told this is where not only my mom and mother in law will be getting their gifts but where I will be spoiling myself as well!
One thing as a mom that I desire most is Organization!!! Two dogs and a baby running around is enough chaos that I want everything to have a place that is "not living" ;) I have been dying for an overhaul of our storage cabinet! To say it was a wreck is an understatement...well just take a look for yourself.
No lie when I tell you half of these containers don't have lids and half the lids I do own don't fit on any of the containers! How does that happen?! Needless to say being gifted with The Nesting Storage unit from Uncommon Goods will be the best give I receive this Mothers Day...with the exception of sweet baby kisses from my little Sophia! Want to purchase your own Nesting Storage containers? You can buy yours at Uncommon Goods HERE
I received these products free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.
It's rare when you purchase something and know the masterminds behind such an item. Buying products from Uncommon Goods lets you in on who the artistic genius really is. Meet the two men who have made my Mother's Day...

Richard & Anthony Joseph

"Twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph founded their contemporary kitchenware company in 2003, combining their respective experience in product design and business. Antony studied design at Central St. Martin's while Richard studied business at Cambridge University. Remaining true to the brothers’ vision, the brand’s main goal is to “tie up the loose ends” that a simple utensil has neglected by only partially solving a problem. Their team spends hours in the office kitchen looking for these loose ends, and through testing complete sets of kitchen utensils and appliances has generated fresh, problem-solving ideas and products that meet the company’s high standards in four core areas: functionality, innovation, longevity and aesthetics."
Uncommon Goods has EVERYTHING you could want for a special gift for Mother's Day. Visit Uncommon Goods to see all of their Mother's Day selections! Every style and interest is touched upon and truthfully lets give those Mama's something they will want and deserve this Holiday! Something that they can use, wear or look at and remember how absolutely loved they truly are! Check out their Gifts for Mom HERE!
If you are still wondering why I'm obsessed with Uncommon Goods other than the sheer fact that they carry super rad unique items (that EVERYONE asks about when they come over or see the items in pictures!) Well prepare to be blown away.... Did you know that Uncommon Goods makes it their mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers, in fact, half of what they sell is handmade!! one third of their entire collection is recycled and/or upcycled material! A business that strives to impact the world in a positive way is right where we want to be! I want to be apart o something meaningful. I want the things I own and the gifts I give to have more meaning behind them than something cheap and heartless. Not to mention that everything is created in harmony and without harm to animals or people!

Head over to Uncommon Goods to shop for Mother's Day now by clicking HERE

With every purchase you make, Uncommon Goods will proudly donate $1 to the non-profit of your choice! Hooray for independently owned businesses that have the freedom to support causes we all believe in and impact the world once again in a positive way! Their nonprofits include RAINN, American Forests, Women for Women international and City Harvest. Seriously could they get any better???

Well in fact YES! They have the best customer services around, have any them any time.
Thought I would share my parenting "win" moment as well. The bottoms of the storage containers have a color dot to match with the lid. Great learning tool....and keeps Sophia busy while mom gets some things done in the house! Thank you Uncommon Goods!!!
Don't forget t check out Uncommon Goods on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram!! Lets see those Mothers Day Gifts Peeps, Hashtag #uncommongoods & #uncommongoodsmothersday Get Shopping while making a difference....The Uncommon Goods way!

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