Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Book Review "Why is Dad So Mad" By Seth Kastle

I have done hundreds of reviews and none of them have struck me on a more personal level than the book "Why is Dad So Mad" written by Seth Kastle. I come from a strong military family stemming way back. My brother and I both Navy Brats and born in Navy Hospitals. We know the sacrifice that goes into serving, protecting and honoring your country!

The Arrival:  I waited eagerly as the mailman pulled into our quiet neighborhood the day I knew the book would arrive. My nerves on end knowing that this book was written because Seth Kastle's life was changed, knowing that he needed to do this for his family, knowing that I was safely reading it in my home because of him, because of all the brave men and woman willing to sacrifice their lives to protect us. I carefully read each page as my wiggly jumping toddler pointed at the pages.... "HOT" she says as we get to the page with the lion that has a fire in his chest. Yes, Sophia "HOT" that Daddy has a fire in his heart, he has that fire there because he was away protecting our country. She giggles and I feel a warmth of her innocence, knowing she nor I could ever fully comprehend what Seth Kastle, a now retired Company First Sergeant has endured. Or what the countless others have...yet we are so very grateful for this book. It actually amazes me that there are not these type of resources for families. PTSD is very real, it is not spoken about enough. Fathers, Mothers, children, friends and other family members struggle.  This book will help explain that feeling to young children in a way they can understand!
This has become one of Sophia's favorite books...she loves to look at all the pictures!

Seth Kastle is the Author of the children’s book Why is Dad So Mad? and the upcoming Why is Mom So Mad?.  Both of these books were written in order to assist military families who are struggling with PTSD.

Seth served 16 years in the Army Reserve, and retired as a Company First Sergeant.  He was deployed in January 2002 to Qatar, and then to Afghanistan for a total of eight months.  He was then deployed to Iraq in January 2003 until April 2004.  He has been married for nearly ten years now to his wife Julia, and has two daughters; Raegan and Kennedy.  He wrote the book Why is Dad So Mad? to try to help his children understand why he is the way he is now.  The overriding purpose of these books is to let children of service members know that no matter what, their parents love them more than anything, despite the challenges that are faced.  Seth resides in Kansas where he is a Professor of Leadership Studies at Fort Hays State University. More information on Seth and these books can be found at www.kastlebooks.com.

About Seth Kastle, "Through my 16 years in the Army Reserve I served in many capacities culminating in my role as a Company First Sergeant.  I was deployed in January 2002 to Qatar, and then to Afghanistan for a total of eight months.  I was then deployed to Iraq in January 2003 until April 2004.  I have been married for nearly ten years now to my wonderful wife Julia, and we have two daughters; Raegan and Kennedy.  The topic of dealing with PTSD as a parent is something that is very close to my heart.  I have struggled with PTSD for ten years now, my daughters are young so who I am now is all they know.  I wrote the book Why is Dad So Mad? to try to help them understand why I am the way I am now.  This is not who I used to be, but it is who I am now; this is reality.  More than anything I want my daughters as well as the children of other services members to know that no matter what we, as fathers love them more than anything.  Things may not always be picture perfect , but as parents we will always be there for our kids."
Seth Kastle

He truly is a stand up guy, a real American Hero! Proudly continuing to honor his family all the while reaching out and helping thousands others! Thank you Seth for this amazing heartfelt book. It will be cherished in our home and Sophia loves that you autographed it for her.

I am strongly encouraging you all to go out and get a copy, you can purchase them HERE You can also buy in bulk, talk to your local bookstores, urge them to get this book on their shelves!!  

Coming Soon, Seth Kastle's second book "Why is Mom so Mad?"

"To say the resources are limited for fathers who struggle with PTSD is an understatement. However, there is NOTHING that I have found that exists for mothers with combat related PTSD.  We have already started on the follow up book Why is Mom So Mad.  This book was written in consultation with women combat veterans who are mothers, and struggle with PTSD." Kastle

You can find "Why is Dad So Mad" on Facebook Here also on Twitter Here

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