Friday, July 27, 2012

Cape Codder

This week we played Tourist! Not that we are…I grew up going to the Cape…Taking the winding Cranberry colored road around the cranberry bog to my Grandpa’s House on the Water…Pretending I was the Captain as I would play on the Boat anchored to his Dock. The Beach…More specifically Cape Cod has been my Home away from Home. 

When my Grandpa passed away I found going to the Cape was Peaceful…It held a new meaning along with memories of the past. Ralph and I have been trying to head there as much as possible this Summer. It feels like I’ve been splitting my time between two homes and let me tell you my “Real” Home is on “Operation Get Clean” this weekend. There are clothes EVERYWHERE, chargers to phones and electronics in every outlet, bathing suits hanging in the bathrooms, Sperry’s shoes strewn throughout the house, decorations still hanging from Sammie’s  (my doggie’s) 6th Birthday Party. Tutu remnants on my living room floor from a newborn order, old fruit in the fridge that needs to be thrown out! I mean I could go on and on…Bottom Line we need a maid, I need to clean! 

On Wednesday a little trip to exit two led us to the “Information Center” as I pulled in just for fun…next thing you know… Welcome to Pairpoint Glass!!! 

America's oldest glassworks, founded in 1837.

For well over a century, Pairpoint glass has graced the tables, cabinets and shelves of some of America's finest homes.
                                                              The Witch Ball he made us!

If you are ever on Cape Cod visit them at their Sagamore location where you can witness the artistry of glassblowing…I’ve never seen anything like it! When the owner said “Get ready it’s Hot down there” I had no idea. It was very Toasty! But Amazing to see!! All the guys were super friendly and take you on a tour, along with telling you the history and of course showing you first hand Glassblowing! I was excited right away when I was greeted by the loviest Pup ever…

He was Super Sweet and seemed like he was Loving the nice warm “weather” of the Factory!

 I Don't think I will ever Look at a Simple Glass Sculpture the same way...So Complex...Who Knew!

There is always time for Tie-Dying Too!! The Creations.....

I relaxed on the Beach and assembled the Cutest Tutu’s Ever!! This order was especially awesome because it was for two little girls that wanted to Surprise a family member returning home from the Navy…and y’all know I’m a sucker for the Navy. I think it’s in our Blood…Literally. Not just the men in my Family dating way back…I also have had Aunts in the Navy. I was born in a Navy Hospital in Florida and my brother was born in a Navy Hospital in Newport (1 day earlier and he would have been born out at sea on a Navy Ship…wouldn’t that have made for an Amazing story!) Well here they are some American Tutu’s…..
When I got Home I added some White Stars to resemble the American Flag…Super Cute Right ;) 
 Enjoy your weekend Everyone!!! My Friday Night...Cleaning! Preparing the House for BABY...Ralph's nephew is going to Sleepover tomorrow night...Stay Tuned!

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