Sunday, July 1, 2012


Tonight I was going to do a BIG Weekend Recap...but this girl is beat!! Super Tired means this jam packed weekend was Super Fun. It will be Nice to sprawl out on the bed tonight as Baby C (Ralph’s nephew) is a big time bed hog…but truth be told, I. Miss. Baby. One thing I will not miss…Three Crazy dogs running crazily throughout the house. I guess it was a taste of what’s to come if we got another dog, I think we will stick with two! But baby….I think we could handle a couple of those ;) The weekend ended with our Sunday ritual, by “our” I mean my mom and I’s Sunday ritual…Whole Foods and a Movie. We saw TED and it was ridiculously Funny.

Tomorrow: ME DAY! Ralph will be working sooooo It’s a LifeTime movie marathon and Crafting day. Eeeek EXCITED! 

Ralph is asleep next to me...I didn't get a chance to tell him, I LOVE YOU before he fell asleep. I think he already knows....
G'Night, I Love you.

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