Monday, February 4, 2013

Game Day & Martha Stewart

Ok- So I never got around to posting my Game Day Appetizers…But Martha Stewart did… My Chocolate Covered “Football” Strawberries were pinned by Martha Stewart Living and then Made Superbowl Game Day Appetizer {photo} recipe of the week on The Women’s Eye on SuperBowl Sunday!!! I know…I can’t even take it, So most of you know my obsession with Martha Stewart.  To see Martha Stewart then Sarah with an H right below linked together had me in a full blown "Christmas Morning” Frenzy of Excitement! Most of you have seen the DIY Glitter Heels, Hula Hoop Chandelier and Glitter nails using with Martha Stewart supplies…but mostly if not ALL of my supplies…even down to my dog beds and dog toys are embellished with her name. I LOVE MARTHA STEWART.  I find it comical when people ask what are your dreams, and my immediate answer is “To be on the Martha Stewart Show!” or who would you most like to meet, as people follow with Gondi, the President of the United States, or some other high ranker and I gleam with “Martha Stewart!” 

I did cook last night for the game…I kept it simple, Chicken Wings, Couscous dish with veggies and a simple sundae. Perfect for Game Night! I have to admit that I ended up in the Jacuzzi tub watching Netflix movies while the Game/ Screaming loomed in the background. 
Tonight Ralph and I decided we would relax with a movie and stir fry....It's funny how we are finally settling down from the weekend events on a Monday! Breathing a sigh of relief that our TV will be sports free this weekend (I think)! 
                                             HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!

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