Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blogging Basics

We’re Alive ;) It’s been a roller coaster of events in the past few months. I’m on the verge of finishing up my teaching degree 4 MORE CLASSES!! But it has been a lot of work… Finals were a tsunami of never ending studying, but all went well. Now that I have time to come up for air I can debrief on the {Magical} Madness that has bestowed our household…. Wedding Date has been set. Saturday October 4th 2014. In my desperate attempts and pleas to find the perfect venue I came to a screeching halt as I quickly realized people book a year in advance for all the best Fall Locations in New England! There were two that could accommodate a Friday wedding but oh how I loathe Friday weddings. Not only would I be racing around, but all my guest would have to take the day off of work or at least a half day and truthfully I wanted my completely booked up (fri-sat-sun) Dream Venue not my second or third choice. So I (or rather we) would have to wait. 

Do you all know it’s true how they say everything happens for a reason?!? Well it does. This October just wouldn’t have worked and after moping around the fact that we weren’t getting married this year a string of Unbelievable events started to unfold in the past three weeks. Like so unbelievable that I’m going to leave you all in Suspense until Ralph’s Birthday on May 30th! And with all this freed up time I will be back to crafting, baking, decorating and blogging which really makes me happy because I’ve missed y’all. We will have lots of new things going on this Spring and Summer, guest bloggers, product reviews from some fabulous companies that have sent me some pretty rocking gifts to a whole new Surprise Journey. This will be one amazing unforgettable year and I want to capture all of it! I’m so thrilled that I have you all on board.


Lisa Thomas said...

I've missed you and your life lol!

Sarah Renee said...

:) Thanks doll, Happy to be back!

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