Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Time & Fake Flowers

Beautiful New England day!! Spring is definitely here…It is beautiful out! Today while I was home I was mapping out my not so great landscaping ideas. I guess I need to do some research, apparently. I was on the phone with the boy when I told him I needed to get the flowers out of the basement, in his confusion I explained the flowers I had stored from last year. I could see he found this humorous as he was wondering why I put the {assuming} fresh flowers from Home Depot in the basement. Oh no hunny the fake flowers that I throw a sundress on and pretend to water with my pink watering can while I wave to all the neighbors working on their meticulous lawns. Yes I’m one of those, a flower phony! 

Time to grow up: I’ve been watching youtube videos for the past 30 minutes to get inspired that I the plant/flower Killer will be able to keep alive. I’m going with “Easy” goof proof flowers that even if you forget to water them for a week will supposedly still live. Bye Bye fake flowers HELLO real Flowers in the V House! I knew it was time to say goodbye to the fake flowers last year as I saw from the window my neighbor’s son sleekly walking over to our yard, shyly bending down and feeling a petal. Ralph knew exactly what the kid was doing…Ralph said “Hey” jokingly to spook him, well it worked and the kid said “I’m really sorry my father and I had a money bet, I thought your flowers were real and he thought they were fake.” We all laughed about it as Ralph yelled across the yards, “He needs to Pay Up!” This little incident tells me two things, I buy really convincing fake flowers and some can’t be fooled! 

I think I would love to have real flowers in the yard, and I’m actually quite excited. We have mulch being delivered this weekend and we have some serious yard work ahead of us…Ralph HATED disliked the red mulch I purchased for the yard last year so it all needs to be removed and we need to trim things down. My mom bought a very special Bird House for us (will share detail later) that I was so eager to hang. This weekend is supposed to be in the 70’s so I’m so looking forward to homemade lemonade, grilling and planting a little herb garden. I will take pictures of me “helping” ralph slaving away in the front of the house ;) 
 As you can see our yard took a beating this winter and needs some serious loving....But look a little birdie made a home in the baby Cowboy Boot Bird House. LOVE!

Today’s song and my recent obsession: Wagon Wheel, can you imagine how floored I was to watch the video and see that my Favorite boys “The Robertson’s” were in it! We have had this song rocking through our home the whole week. Enjoy! 

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