Friday, May 24, 2013

Loving Life

The weeks are seriously flying by. Over the weekend I had a few events to attend. My Best friend Sandra had her “Spring Fling” at her Dancing Studio. Which was literally the cutest thing ever. All her little girl dancers (starting from age 3) got all dolled up and attended the “Prom” at the studio. I went down to take some pictures and help out. Watching all the little girl’s bebop and dance around in their beautiful dresses was so stinking cute. 

Then the following day I had my friend Shannon’s Bridal Shower. Which was absolutely Beautiful! It was held at a country club a few towns over and the inside had amazing wooden beams and white lights, a fun country/vintage feel. Everyone had a great time and I took lots of pictures and was able to surprise her with a YouTube video keepsake of her special day! It seriously makes me tear up to watch it. We have all been friends since High school and here we are ten years later taking that next step in life…we are all getting engaged, married and have kids or about to have children.

 It is everything I wished and hoped for and never thought the time would come and now here it is. Celebrating this next chapter in our now adult life. It feels like yesterday we were parading through town in our decorated cars for Senior Day, Skipping class to go to the Beach and Crying at the thought that things were going to change. Boy did things change, but in the most magical way possible…We are starting families and we get to enjoy this ride with one another. Maybe in another 8 years we will dig up our “Time Capsule” and get some laughs! 

                                        You Can watch the Video HERE
It’s Friday the start of Memorial weekend…We will be heading over to Anthony and Crystal’s for their annual Cookout and a few other fun things we need to tend to and of course celebrating the true meaning of memorial day with a few special things we do on this day. (Memorial Day is not just about an extra day off of work and Cookouts). Then Ralph’s BIG Birthday Reveal. I’m so Looking forward to this weekend and coming week. Life is definitely one exciting journey and I’m enjoying Every Second of this ride!! 

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