Thursday, March 20, 2014

Real Nappies Review

Real Nappies Review
I Received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% Honest.

We have started our journey down the cloth diapering road.  A few weeks ago I was sent Real Nappies cloth diaper system to review.  Here what the peeps at Real Nappies Company have to say…

“Real Nappies is the leading reusable cloth diaper in New Zealand. After countless hours spent refining the cloth diapering system, Real Nappies offers a pure and simple cloth diaper that eliminates the fuss and mess.

Real Nappies cloth diapers are easy to use, simply to buy and cost far less in the long run than disposable diapers or alternative reusable diaper systems.

Parents, maternity hospitals and childcare centers have voted Real Nappies the number one cloth diaper in New Zealand, and congratulated Real Nappies for making it a no-brainer decision to choose reusable cloth diapers ahead of disposable diapers”

 As far as functionality and price these cloth diapers are great. Sophia made it through the night without any leaks. One thing that I found though were the tabs that close the diaper are stiff and feel sharp if they come up and rub the skin…You need to be sure to close them all the way in order for it to stay secure. One thing that I do is just throw a cute diaper cover over it; I bought some fun frilly ones from the Gap. They cloth diapers are very durable and have withstood several washes so far. These are definitely the cloth diapers if you are looking to economical, in the world of cloth diapering Real Nappies seem to be the most affordable to get the job done.

Although I was sent the infant diaper set which states for 3-6 months and they are already a little snug, so I will have to go up a size to the “crawler” stage of Real Nappies. Wondering if it would be worth going with a bigger size to begin with, on the plus side the inserts will work when you bump up to the next stage! Overall we are Happy with Real Nappies and would recommend them to Mommies that are thinking about cloth diapering!

You can purchase your Real Nappies Cloth Diapers HERE

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