Saturday, March 22, 2014

Taylor's Penny Review

I received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.

  Ok I know I go overboard when it comes to Sophia’s wardrobe, but I can’t help it! I LOVE little girl fashion. When I came across Taylor’s Penny I went NUTS!! This company does custom Converse Kicks for girls, boys and woman. We received the Custom Converse Pink Crib Shoe Leopard Designed with Swarovski crystals…and I can’t lie, I’m Obsessed!! You know they are the shizzz when men stop and ask you about your baby’s kicks! I really don’t think I can put her in a “normal” pair of shoes after stepping foot in these custom shoes.

The shoes range from $60-110 and worth every “Taylor” Penny (pun intended) Your custom kicks also come with the original laces so if you want to tone down your Sneakers you have that option, they also come with a bag of replacement crystals (yes this company has thought of it all!!) but when I tell you those crystals are on there they are REALLY on there, so chances are the crystals will go unused. 

I love the fact that you can purchase these to spice up your little ones wardrobe or surprise someone at a baby shower with a pair of these….I seriously couldn’t think of a better gift!!!
There are so many different designs in the Taylor Penny Etsy shop and they are made to order!
Here’s what the peeps at Taylor’s Penny had to say, Over two years ago I became a mother to the most beautiful little twin girls I have ever laid eyes on. I named them Penelope and Taylor. Being a mother was the best thing that ever happen to me and I am so blessed to have them. Tay and Pen give my life a reason for existence, motivation and patience. I like to dress them up as if they were my dolls LOL... They bring out my hidden creative side, I dare to be different, and I will make sure they are the same!” Thus the Creation of the absolutely stunning shop!! These elaborate designed converse shoes are the perfect accessory. Especially when babies can’t walk and the bottom of their shoes are all studded out, brilliant!! 

Stop by Taylor’s Penny and check them out HERE 

  You can purchase these beautiful, intricate, handmade custom Kicks HERE something to suite every taste…Because these Converse Kicks are handmade there is a guarantee of individuality!  Express yourself and your kid’s wardrobe with these one of a kind unique kicks! 

You can also find them on Facebook HERE

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Cathy Powell said...

These Allstars looks so cute on your baby! Really love the pictures :-) Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

Hug, Cathy

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