Monday, October 6, 2014

Custom Chalk Posters Review

I can not get enough of these Custom Chalk Posters!!! When I first saw one last year circling Pinterest I knew when I had a baby I would be doing one for his or her first Birthday! The mastermind behind these Brilliant custom posters "Custom Chalk Posters"! They truly are THE BEST!!! Super easy to work with, very helpful and the finished products are Gorgeous!!!! I'm still waiting for Sophia's Professional Photos to come in but here is a sneak peak of it at her Party!!!
She was a crying teething mess in this photo (my poor girl!!!) but I swear she was Happy in her Photo Shoot HAHAHAHA!!! ;)
ITEM DETAILS AND FUN FACTS from Custom Chalk Posters,
Customized first birthday chalkboard sign or poster for child's 1st birthday party and/or birthday photo shoot! **This listing is for a DIGITAL file - printing recommendations below!***

100% customized with baby's name and information and your choice of theme and/or color scheme! Vintage chalkboard banners and fonts used. For a gallery of my past posters and inspiration for yours, check out

This template is made at 16" x 20." I can also re-size the poster to any size if necessary.

*To Order*
Purchase listing and provide all of the following information in your order note:

-Custom color scheme/theme for poster:
-Child's Name:
-What they say (words):
-Favorite books (OR shows OR songs - you can pick 2 as long as the lists aren't too long):
-Favorite foods:
-Amount of teeth:
-8-10 things they LOVE:
*note: Look at some of my examples to see if you like the look of a lot of "things I love" (smaller text) or just a few things (much larger text.)
For the bottom section:
-Nicknames from mommy and daddy and/or any special message for the birthday child!
-*Latest date you need your file by*:

If you want to swap out any of the above fields for different information that's fine!

A first birthday chalkboard is a GREAT conversation piece for a birthday party, GREAT prop for photoshoots and a GREAT keepsake (both digital AND printed versions!) Super cute to hang in a child's room after their party.

*Printing Recommendations:*
I send DIY Printing Recommendations with the file - you can have a 16"x20" poster printed next day at Staples for ~$10! Any other print company (Costco, Office Max, etc.) can easily print these, too.

*Turn Around Time*
I prioritize my orders based on the date they are needed to ensure that everyone can have a poster it time for their event! Please be sure to fill in the latest date you need your file and I will get you your poster on or before that date.
*Please order as early as possible as a courtesy to me and other customers :) If you need a rushed file, there is a 24 hour rush ($10) and a 48 hour rush ($5) add on available in my store that will bump you ahead in line.

*"My Child's Birthday Isn't For a Few Months"*
You can still place your order now! I will create the poster as normal, but a week or so before the party you can send me any changes (more teeth, new words, etc.) and I will re-send your files. This just guarantees you a spot in my schedule :)

What else can I say, THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!

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