Monday, October 13, 2014

Viv & Lou Review

Ok You all know me and my monogrammed obsession right?!?! Well I found the Queen of all monogrammed companies!! It really has me wanting to scream from the roof tops! I may go monogramed crazy in my house!
I received these products free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.

Here's what the peeps over at Viv & Lou had to say, "We invite you to shop Viv & Lou when an ordinary gift just won’t do! We combine quality, affordable personalized products and exceptional order turnaround times to create a fun and easy shopping experience for our customers. We strive for perfection because we understand the importance of quality products and excellent service!   If you need a one of a kind gift, want to tell someone how special they are, or just want a new stylish personalized product for yourself, you can find it at Viv & Lou!"

What is so impressive to me besides the amazing designs is the quality!! To me that is so important!! These products are so well made it blows me away! The customer service is the best I have ever dealt with and they truly care about their customers!! Don't even get me started on the is so affordable and blows the doors of the prices I was previously paying at LL Bean and Pottery Barn! I'm serious when I say Viv & Lou is my new IT place for all things momma and Sophia. And all the lovies in my life during the holiday season!!

Shipping is super quick too!!!

It was so hard to choose a "favorite" out of everything I received but I'm totally loving the Large Navy Anchor Market Basket!!! I usually do peapod grocery delivery every other week but I need fresh fruits, veggies and meat throughout the week. I like to fly in and out of the grocery store as I'm not a huge fan. This Market Basket is perfect!! I am able to run in to the local Whole Foods fill it up and be on the go! No more bags to try and juggle all while holding Sophia! I have ventured out three times since I received my Viv & Lou goods and I have been stopped maybe 10+ times by people asking me where I purchased or just to say how cute it was! I love that it is inscribed in pink with my last name too! Swoon!

Next up was Sophia's Backpack and insulated lunch box! I LOVE this to pieces! Her first backpack! I had it monogramed with her full name! Eventually when she goes to grade school I will do initials but right now we are not to concerned with "stranger danger" as she is always with her momma! This backpack has been great, we have packed it up for fall walks, picnics, mall trips, you name it! It is the perfect size for her and I know it will be around for years and years!


OK I can't even handle Sophia and I's matching Mother and Daughter Monogramed Baseball Hats!!! These seriously have me in tears! I love to be matchy matchy with my girl and these are just precious! I love that we have the same initials too SLV!

Last but not least is my travel bag! Of course in my favorite NAVY anchors! Can you tell I'm a total Navy Brat at heart! Something about those anchors that bring me a sense of peace. We come from a long line of retired and active Navy military in my family. I am a proud Navy Daughter and I can't pass up anything that has anchors on it!!

To check out more Viv & Lou and to shop go HERE!!! Don't forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram!! Happy Fall Y'all!!!!!

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