Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lotus Bumz Review

Sophia Loves To Be Naked!!! Yes, like ALL the time! I can usually keep a shirt on her but pants is usually a No Go! I almost leapt out of my skin when I got my Lotus Bumz package in the mail for review! Insert the cutest ruffle butt cloth diaper EVER here! Sophia is totally styling in this thing! Not to mention in the world of cloth diapers this one has topped the cake for us!!! It is not only super stylish but super absorbent as well!!

I received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.

I know I have done a ton of diaper reviews and you are probably wondering... well why Lotus Bumz??? I think they answer this best, "Why Use Lotus Bumz Cloth Diapers? There are significant environmental benefits that come with reusable diapers. Did you know that over 27.4 billion disposable diapers are consumed every year in the US alone? They will take centuries to decompose. Plus, the amount of carbon emitted in the production of one disposable diaper is roughly the same as that emitted after washing a cloth diaper 200 times (in cold water). Some babies may be sensitive to the chemicals and plastic used in disposable diapers. Cloth is a gentler, and more natural option. Cost is a large factor for many people. Lotus Bumz Cloth diaper system will help you save a lot of money! The initial outlay for Modern Cloth Diapers may seem large – they may cost you $250-$600 initially. However, if you calculate the cost of disposable diapers over a period of 2-3 years (the average baby is in diapers for 2.5 years, costing $2500-$4500), they will save you lots of money! If you have more than one child, then the savings will be huge!"

It is time to start thinking about the earth and our babies futures!! I love that my family is saving money and the environment all at the same time! Not to mention Sophia's sensitive skin, she really needs the best of the best and Lotus Bumz is it! I can't wait to get her in the matching cloth diaper and legwarmers soon! You have to go check out what they have, you can purchase HERE!
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 If that wasn't reason enough to Fall In LOVE with LOTUS BUMZ this will be.... They are giving away not one but TWO cloth diapers to one of my readers!!! Winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter on November 1st! GoodLuck!!

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