Sunday, October 7, 2012

How are you??

I ran into an old friend today…I’ve been a hermit and haven’t left my house because of my little bug (Joshy) We’ve been having the weirdest fall weather…ALL RAIN. My pups have seem to have outgrown their spring rain jackets so I went to HomeGoods to see if I could score a couple {I DID} but in my mad dash to blow in and blow out I ran into an old friend. As much as I wanted to sit there and catch up, I couldn’t and I’m sorry. When I saw this picture it made me giggle…It was all I could seem to muster up as so much has happened since we last spoke. In the end I made an agreement to myself…No matter how busy life gets, I will always make an effort to stay connected. Even if I went on a major cleaning rampage on Facebook and deleted everything…for that I am not sorry. It’s weird but I think I’ve moved on from Facebook. It’s a weird tool to stay connected, yet the amount of wasted time on there is just that, wasted.  That is all for tonight, I am tired. I’m going to convince Ralph that drawing pictures and shapes on my back will be fun…{confession} it knocks me out, so relaxing! Goodnight Blogosphere 

Tonights Song; Kinda, maybe sorta OBSESSED with both the Song and the Marriage proposal!  

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